Greek Ports, Athens, Piraeus, ferries, Greek Islands.  If you are caught by a Greek ferry strike the first thing you should do is keep all your receipts. Greek tourism minister states Greek government will/may reimburse holiday makers. Are you elderly, traveling with kids? Book a hotel at airport or ferry port etc. for just incase. You can always cancel it at last minute. Check your hotels, check in and out times. Even if you use it to freshen up, you will have somewhere soft to sit or lay. Why not leave the islands the day before or day after? Go shopping, Greece needs your money! Do you have suggestions? Fellow travelers want to know)
Are you elderly, traveling with kids? Book a hotel at airport or ferry port etc. for just incase. You can always cancel it at last minute. Check your hotels, check in and out times. Even if you use it to freshen up, you will have somewhere soft to sit or lay. Why not leave the islands the day before or day after? Go shopping, Greece needs your money! 
Do you have suggestions? Fellow travelers want to know)

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July 10, 2013 One more Greek general strike is planned for Tuesday, July 16, 2013.  Your ferry will most likely be tied up to port for 24 hours. Your flight will be delayed, cancelled or bought forward. Perhaps you should leave the island the night before. 
Old industrial actions
Greek ferry will not strike
24 July 2011 Greek ferry union will not have any industrial action during month of August.
20 July Greek ferry union Panhellenic Seamen's Federation (PNO) will meet Thursday, threatening strike for July

So last year
New Greek general strike Wednesday, 15 December, 2010. 
Update:-Monday 11/30/10  Greek goverment order ferry workers back to work today. Greek islands shortages of food and medicines.

Greek dock workers strike, Pireaus, 24 hours, starting Wednesday, 23 November, 6a.m. Ferries to Greek isles will be effected. Ferries to Italy will run as normal. 

Friday, 24, September, Greek trucks blocking ports today, delaying goods to Greek islands.
Another general strike is called for 15, July, starting 11am 
8 July, Another Greek general strike today. The Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) is on strike for 24 hours. No air traffic control from 10am to 4pm.  No leaving islands by Aegean Airways or Olympic Airways. Be prepared for the wait.
Banks are closed. No buses, trams or metro. Holidaymakers coming from Cyprus you to will be affected, as with flights from Larnaca Airport and ferries. 
29 June, Chaos. Strike well into effect today, Unions blocking port. Passengers stranded at ports in hot sun, hotel rooms booked. Air traffic controllers did not join in. National airlines join in Olympic and Aegean airlines, making sure you can't get to or leave the islands.
23, June, 2010 Port strike today. Minoan Lines Piraeus to Crete cancelled along with 8 ferries and standstill.  Thousands passengers stranded. Strike by PAME union, deemed illegal. Strike will end at midnight tonight. Call your ferry company. Travelers and tourists can't board. Speed boats tied to moorings. Thousands of passengers sitting on suitcases in hot sun.
22, June, 2010 Greek port strike and Greek general strike set for 24 hours, Tuesday, 29, June, 2010. Greek railway, Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) will join in with a 24 hour strike on June, 30.  Again check your travel to and from airports and ports. 
21, June, 2010 Announced today, Greek ferry strike, Wednesday, 23, June, 2010 for 24 hours. Same day communist union Pame will strike for 24 hours. 
18, June, 2010  Another Greek 24 hour general strike is set.  Tuesday, 29, June, 2010. (Starts midnight Monday) Greek railway, Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) will join in with two 24 hour strikes on June, 29 and 30.  Again check your travel to and from airports and ports

Thursday, 3, June, Going to catch your ferry today maybe a bit difficult as a Greek transportation strike is on today.  No tram, trolley, bus or metro in Athens.  Will last 24 hours. The Suburban trains will operate normally.
5/31Regarding Greek port strike today,  2 cruise ships were not allowed to board today, not until Tuesday, The Aqua Marine, and  Aegean Pearl. Cruise ships were not blocked from arriving.

5/25 Panhellenic Seamen's Federation, has called for another strike on Monday,  31, May, 2010. Greek passenger ferries will strike country wide. Cruise ships will be arriving.

Let's go. Air traffic controllers will not strike, May, 20, 
Greek strike, unions  GSEE and ADEDY, (will start midnight Wednesday)  24 hours, Thursday. May, 20, 
will effect ferries international trains, borders. Hospitals emergency only. Avoid Athens city center. Monday, 24, May, national holiday.

Greek strike, unions  GSEE and ADEDY, (will start midnight Wednesday)  24 hours, Thursday. May, 20, 2010, will effect ferries international trains, borders and Greek air space, air traffic controllers. 

3, May, 2010 Unions now calling for strikes on 4, May and 5, May, 2010. See front page 

1, May, 10 Air traffic controllers will be striking, no flights in or out of Greece that day.  Airport asking passengers to call your airline.

Greek port strike, Piraeus this Saturday, 1, May, 2010.  Expect severe delays, do check our front page for updates.  Another general strike is planned for 5/5/2010, 24 hours.

2, February, 2010.  2 strikes to look forward to this month.
Greek customs strike, will effect all forms of entry into Greece by Greek customs, this Thursday, 4, Feb. Borders, trains, ports and airports,

All out Greek general strike 10, February, 2010.

11/18/09 The court ruled that, with the arrival of Cosco, there was little risk of dockers losing their jobs. As a result, it has banned all similar action.

10, November, 09 Greek court has ruled that the dockworkers' strike that shut down the country's largest commercial port for the past week is illegal.

7 November, New CEO for Piraeus Port, George Anomeritis, Merchant Marine Minister between 2001 and 2003.

Piraeus Port back on strike again, 3,4, November, 09

17,  Oct. 2009 Piraeus, Greece's largest port, dock workers suspended 17 day strike at a loss of $44.6 million until 2, November, 2009.
Will take 3-4 days to clear back log of containers.
Cosco has agreed to let the Piraeus Port Authority operate the piers on its behalf until Nov. 2.

13, October, 09 Piraeus port strike. Dock workers strike to go on another three days. Going on two weeks now, thousands of containers backed up.

8, October, 09 Athens, Piraeus port, dock workers went on strike today.  Workers dislike port being owned by the Chinese.  12,000 containers not unloaded.  22, 000 goods stood at standstill.  
Strike will continue for the weekend. Will go on another 24 hours till Tuesday 13 October, 09  

Greek passenger ferries threaten strike, meeting with unions 8/21, likely date for strike 23, 24 August, 09

5/15/09 ports yesterday were unaffected by a 24-hour strike by the civil servants’ union.

Greece, nationwide strike, 14 May, 2009 Thursday.  Expect this strike to effect ports, ferries.Greek 

1 April, 2009 Nationwide general strike in Greece tomorrow.  Ports will be closed.  24hours.  No ferries will be running in between islands.

2/19/09 Dockworkers had three hour stoppage today at Port of Piraeus, today is the day parliament ratifies a bill contract with Hong Kong, Cosco. Dockworkers  will strike Tuesday for 24 hours.  This will give China tax breaks and concession for 35 years. Dockworkers have refused overtime at weekends or public holidays since it was announced about the deal with China nearly 2 years ago.  Cosco will invest $300 million to upgrade facilities and boost production.  2.9 billion euros in trade per year, China is Greece's seventh largest trading partner. 

2/13/09  Greece, general strike by union ADEDY will hold 24-hour strike  on 2/25/09 If this happens trains, buses, airports and ports will be effected.

December 10, 2008 This is considered off season for cruises.  Unrest in Greece this week due to riots. P & O cruise ship the Oriana decided to go to Naples instead.

11/25/08  China's president Hu Jintao signs Piraeus port agreement.  China's Cosco Pacific Ltd. will receive a 35-year concession to manage two container terminals at Greece's main port of Piraeus. Deal, worth euro 831.2 million. Piraeus will become a major port for Chinese goods heading for southeast Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.  Dock workers staged a 24-hour strike to protest Tuesday's agreement. Their unions oppose the privatization of the container terminals and warn that an increased influx of Chinese products will hurt the local market.

10/14/08 Greece Athens port workers and stevedores will hold a four-hour work stoppage on Wednesday evening and a subsequent rally outside the Piraeus Port Authority building

10/10/08 Greece, Piraeus strike over Cosco Pacific lease

9/26/08 Greece Border traffic tailbacks began easing Friday after Greek customs officials ended a strike begun on Monday in protest at planned salary

9/25/08 Greece Problems Continue with Greek customs officers' strike

COSCO Greek port venture to begin next year
(09-05 21:38)

7/16/08  Greek dockworkers have begun a two-day strike protesting government plans to privatize the main container terminal at Piraeus port

2 July 08 Greece, Athens, Strikes by dockworkers have led to cargo pile ups at ports and slashed container imports to Greece. Reuters

Greece: Greek port workers to strike again on Jan 30.  Piraeus and Thessaloniki port workers decided to abstain from every overtime work and work on weekends throughout February and the holding of a 24-hour strike on January 30.  Controversy regarding modernization of ports.

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