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August 2, 2013 This time it's not the air traffic controllers but airport workers striking. Announced this week that 300 airport workers will be let go. 
Everything comes with consequences doesn't it. 
Strike will last from Friday August 9 till Sunday night or even Monday morning. All Greek airports are expected to be closed. 
Call work now if leaving Greece this coming week-end and tell them that you wont be in till Tuesday. Flights might be brought up, delayed all cancelled. Follow along with us at Greek airport strike.
Also Greek archaeology workers, some 500 to be let go. Monuments museums might be closed. 
(While waiting for your flight why not read Archaeology.org

July 10, 2013 One more Greek general strike is planned for Tuesday, July 16, 2013.  Your ferry will most likely be tied up to port for 24 hours. Your flight will be delayed, cancelled or bought forward. Perhaps you should leave the island the night before.

So old industrial actions. I'm afraid we haven't been updating, as we were way tooo busy with the rest of the world.

Update Greek strikes today for Wednesday 19 October and 20 October

Greek general strike? Air traffic controllers strike? You being one of the smart ones, are not going to be cut short. You are going to make a booking at your local airport hotel regardless. No sleeping on the airport floor for you and your family. Now call your airline for instructions. Chop, chop move it. You know this is going to knock around the world. You never know Dimita at Top Level Tours might have some suggestions.Another week of strikes is coming up for this week. So far:-
24 October Greek ferry strike has been called off.
Tuesday, 25 October, Greek public transportation strike, buses, trolleys and metro 24 hours. Electric train on strike 11am to 4pm. ekathimerini
Taxis are not striking Tuesday.

27 Oct. Thursday  KTEL-interurban buses will strike

Dailymail own correspondent Andrew Pierce Greek trip. 

Left up so you can get a handle of a general strike.
Monday 3 October Bus strike 11-5pm.
Wednesday 5 October.
Planned Greek general strike, Wednesday 5 October. Confirmed. 
Joining in for 24 hours, Greek air traffic controllers. From  9pm Thursday. Olympic Airways cancellations
Air Space will be closed. Aegean Airways
press release with cancellations. Cyprus Air cancels flights famagusta-gazette.com
Athens airport El.Venizelos. Remember it will take time for flights to get back to normal.
Metro will be running normally. But section 
D Plaisance - Airport closed.
Buses operating 9am to 9pm.
Trolley from 8 am to 9 pm. 
Electric train from 10 am to 6 pm.
The trains OSE and trains Suburban will remain idle throughout the day. Taxi's are running.
+++The strike also involved Employees Federation of Greek Ports (OMYLE) and Union Dockworkers. 
More info at ekathimerini.com

See how taxi strike effects economy ekathimerini.com

Demonstrations September, 23 by Communist group PAME, farmers and students, Omonoia square. 

14, May, 2010 Air traffic controllers will not strike on May,20.  Good news.

Greek strike, unions  GSEE and ADEDY, (will start midnight Wednesday)  24 hours, Thursday. May, 20, 2010, will effect ferries international trains, borders and Greek air space, air traffic controllers. 

3, May, 2010 Unions now calling for a 48 hour strike. 4, 5, May, 2010.  Follow along

1, May, 10 Air traffic controllers will be striking, no flights in or out of Greece that day.  Airport asking passengers to call your airline.

4/30.2010 1, May, 2010 Piraeus port strike. General strike 5/5/2010, shops and businesses will close 12.30.

7 Feb. 2010 Keeping you straight with your travel plans to Greece.  
10 Feb. this Wednesday, civil servants union, 24 hours. Athens airport will be closed on Feb. 10.

More Greek customs strikes,  Tuesday through Thursday, 16-18 Feb.  
Wednesday, 24, Feb. 2 million workers on strike.

Greek customs strike this Thursday, 4, Feb. 48 hours, all entry ways into Greece will be effected, ports, borders and airports, trains.

1/28/2010 Athens, Greece, 24 hour Greek nationwide strike is being planned Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010.
Greek civil servants' union ADEDY  called a one day strike for Feb. 10 to protest against the government's austerity measures.  GSEE will decide in February.

2/2/10 GSEE have decided to strike on a different day. The 2 million members will strike, an "anti-austerity" strike, 24 hours, Wednesday, Feb. 24.  

12/21/09  You should be aware Union EDEDY, planning 24 hour general strike for some when in between between Jan. 28 and Feb. 10.  Trying to get other unions to join in.

Greece general strike, Thursday, 14 May, 09 held by union EDEDY. 24 hours starting 8am Thursday.  Expect plane delays or cancellations, will involve air traffic control. 
The strike will not affect public transport, trains, buses, ferries
1 May, 09 In Greece, police clashed with anarchist demonstrators, firing teargas on protesters at Athens Polytechnic.

For May Day Greece, Athens. 
Greece's Olympic Airlines says it is canceling more than 100 flights Friday. Public transport services including buses, intercity trains and the capital's metro system, will also be disrupted, as will ferry routes between Greek islands.
The electric train, which connects Pieria and Kifisia and the trams will stop working for 24 hours. The busses and trolleys will strike from the beginning of the shift until 08:00am and from 10:00pm until the end of the shift. The Athens metro will not work from the beginning of the shift until 09:00am and from 11:00am until the end of the shift. The ports in all countries are on strike from 08:00am until 12:00pm. The Pierian port will strike for 24 hours.

The Greek airports will strike from 10:00am until 13:00pm and Olympic Airline announced that it will cancel 103 local and international flights because of May 1st. Not only the airport but banks, schools, ministries, (government offices) and transport will all be shut down. Hospitals will be open for "emergency only".  Newspapers and TV will be down also from 6:00 a.m. Thursday to 6:00 a.m. Friday. Protest over economy, retirement, unemployment. Expect 5 million union members to be on strike.Demonstrations planned down town Athens at 11am,National Carrier Olympic Airlines as canceled numerous flights tomorrow.

Announcements from Athens International Airport "Elefthérios Venizélos"

Due to the participation of the union of air-traffic controllers of the Federation of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority in a general strike, there will be no flights to or from Athens International Airport on Thursday, April 2nd, from 12:00 to 16:00 hrs.

For further information regarding your flight, you are kindly requested to contact your airline.

Thank you for your understanding

Greece union GSEE 24 hour nationwide strike. Friday, 3 April, 2009, Countries largest trade union, represents 600,000 workers in the private sector. Athens International Airport announced there will be no flights to or from Athens International Airport on Thursday, April 2nd, from 12:00 to 16:00 hrs. you are kindly requested to contact your airline.

See who else is on strike today?

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