Greek Labour Unions

Greek Labour Unions. A guide to a whose who! Which trade Union members belong to which Unions? Which Unions belong to travel, vacation related fields ie:- airports, airlines, transportation,  hotels, museums?

One in five Greeks earn less than 5,000 euros a year, according to government figures. 20 percent of Greeks live below the poverty line.

Biggest public and private sector unions, GSEE / ADEDY represent approximately 2.6 million workers?

ADEDY Greek civil servants' union.
Aug 2011 After ten year run Union head Spyros Papasypros retires and new head Costas Tsikrikas steps in.

ADEDY's private sector sister GSEE labour union.
GSEE General Confederation of Greek Workers is the largest Union in Greece, represents 2 million workers. 

Genop union Public Power Corporation Greek Public Power Corporation, main workers union of energy, generally cause disruption and power cuts across the country. Just who are these guys.

OSYPA (Federation of Civil Aviation Authority Unions) Air traffic controllers do not belong to this union. 
Union thinks nothing of calling 48 hour strikes. I
Just what workers are involved is a mystery. Unclear if domestic or international flights get delayed.

Olympic Airlines employees ?

PAME a communist-led trade union. Coalition of national federations of industrial unions, various city labor councils and union locals. Formed in April 1999 by the initiative of the Communist Party of Greece and other progressive labor leaders and workers.

Panhellenic Navy Federation (PNO)
Composed of:- Sailors, merchant seamen, stevedores, merchant marines, dock workers. Powerful union that can stop trade to Greek islands, particularly effected are islands without airports. Will block entrances to your cruise ship. Over the years we've seen holiday makers sleeping on the docks.

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GSEE Private sector (General Confederation of Greek Workers) 

The Civil Servants' Confederation, public sector (ADEDY)

Osypa is?
Whose on strike today?​    Shaky Airline Status​      Is your airline reliable?

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