I'd think twice about purchasing a ticket from some of these airlines, particularly a long-haul flight. Some airlines have been added to the "Shaky Airline Status" due to numerous considerations, including finance, crew morale, size, strikes and cutbacks. 

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airport up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Strikes at Heathrow Airport 

A so called travel guide, airline travel guide, review, travel advisory. See who else is on strike today and attempting to mess with your travel plans
Is your airport on strike?  Pilot strike, baggage handler strike, air traffic controllers? Do you need to book a long haul? Check our point of view first.  If you click on your airline here and content is not up to date, thank your lucky stars!  It means:-
A. We haven't come across any potential industrial action by staff lately or near future. (Check front page for sudden delays.)
B. It's very, early in a dispute and we or fellow passengers haven't picked it up yet.
C. Don't forget your airline may codeshare with another airline whose putting up a fuss.
D. Next check the airport that your long haul flight has to refuel in.
E. Don't be shy, stay in touch. contact@easytravelreport.com or easytravelreprt on twitter. All travelers can benefit from your expertise, pass it along.
F. Volcanic action check at Eurocontrol  and our front page to see if the country your going to visit is having a general strike ie:- French, Spanish or Greek general strike.
G. For Heathrow airport parking
H. Does your flight have a lay over in a foreign country?  If so get a visa for that country. Last Lufhansa airline strike passengers had to sleep the night in the international departures lounge on a cot. Some lucky passengers with visa's had hotel rooms supplied by Lufthansa.


Airport on strike?

For pilot strike, baggage handler strike, air traffic controllers? General and public transportation strikes see our Easy Travel Report front page. You never know what you are going to fly into.

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Have you booked your trip yet?  Do you need new luggage? Rent a car, exchange currency, buy a gift, get new clothes.  Do you have a swimsuit?  Has your passport expired? What about the kids, do they have one? Do you need a visa? What are you going to do with dog?  Go to the doctors, get any prescriptions, vaccinations. Book a hotel at the airport for just incase.  Put phone number in cell phone and cancel at the last minute. Last but not least check this site home page before you leave, you never know whose trying to mess with your travel plans. These links will help you out. Check your luggage allowance.
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How's your airline doing?  Airline flight disruptions, pilots, flight attendants unhappy? CEO been arrested lately? 
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What's Your Airline Up To? Is Your Airline On Strike?