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                    Bumpy ride with these airlines

Here's a list of airlines that you should not book with. Your hard earned money is not worthy. They might be only hanging on by a financial thread or in the iron grip of union unrest. 

As soon as we get whiff of nuisance we will put it here. Lets get started. Don't just hand over your money Willy-Nilly.


​25 July, 2018 Are you FastJet user, airline on way out.

15 December 2017 and Monarch still hasn't paid off its passengers paddleyourownkanoo.com

We missed this one Niki Austrian Airline bbc.com

Air Berlin ceased operations 27 October 2017

​Air France - KLM
21 September 2016 New business plan will be announced in November “Trust Together” by new CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac Air France - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines group in a bid to fight competitors will likely announce that a new long-haul subsidiary might be in the future after it was revealed only 50% of Air France long-hauls are making a profit. 
This possible announcement surely will make union bosses go into apoplectic shock.
Further confirming to us to stay away from this airline for another five years! You don’t want your dream holiday or honeymoon in a French airport terminal along with bottle of water, food/accommodation voucher and peanuts.

New competitors on the long-haul routes and low cost carriers.
Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Norwegian and French Blue.

August Lufthansa pilots' still without a new contract. British Airways unions making noise. Easyjet UK have voted for strike action in October 2016 and EasyJet Amsterdam have been striking on and off all summer.
8 July 2016 We have a new one for you, Air Malta.
Air Malta bleeding money, 500,000 euros daily. Alitalia looking to buy it. Do yourself a favour, do not book with this airline till deals and union contracts signed, sealed and delivered. Smorgasbord of competitors to choose from. Ryanair, British Airways, Condor, Lufthansa and EasyJet. Alitalia in 2014 was purchased by UAE company Etihad Airways. Alitalia last strike, pilots and flight attendants was last week. I'd be worried if I was an Air Malta worker.
While we are here. British Airway unions are making occasional noises. Lufthansa issues with pilot's and flight attendants are not resolved, just postponed. 
Air Europa has a strike planned for end of July beginning of August. Air Kenya gutting staff.

May - Starting the second quarter of 2016 and life is still not looking good for bloated Air France and Lufthansa airline or for that matter Egypt Air. TAP is under new ownership. Finnair has not done enough cut backs as with South American airline LATAM.

Airlines are rolling in profits this year because of fuel prices causing boom in travelers world wide and long lines at checkin desks. 

Liat barely above water. Cyprus Airlines did go under. Air Berlin is hanging on. Air Tahiti-Nui is currently on strike and is likely to go under. Aegean Air from Greece is doing very nicely although encumbered by Greek strikes we never hear complaints.

I'd start worrying about national airlines from Kuwait - Kuwait Airways, Bahrain - Bahrain Air, Oman - Oman Air, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Airlines, Qatar - Qatar Airways - Moody's have downgraded these countries (banks) and national airlines will be hit by cutbacks due to falling oil prices.

British Airways crews will be kicking up, workers complaining under the radar.
All in airlines that are not over bloated are doing well.

If you are thinking about splashing out for long-haul from Europe or USA to Australia national Australian Airline Qantas has been going through the wringer. Partly due to Border and Customs agents causing mayhem nationwide at International airports for arriving flights. Issues have not been resolved. Expect hour wait or more to get from the plane to your luggage. Check into Delta and Emirates Airline prices.

2015 Second quarter, which airlines make the cut. Article highlights which airlines are still being badly run, even in a banner year like this one 2015. Usual over bloated culprits, still bogged down. Finnair, Air Berlin, Air-France-KLM, Latam, GOL, Republic Airways (fell by the wayside 2016) 
We say:-Stay away from the big guns for the rest of the year - Finnair, Lufthansa and Air France - KLM, Sata and TAP.
Croatia Airlines, Liat, Spirit. 
Don't do it, don't book with these airlines for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. Save yourself some acid indigestion.

12 September 2014 Britair, HOP, Transavia all subsidiaries of Air France. Employees in turmoil over the transform 2020 plan. Redundancies, layoffs. Choose another airline.
Air One
Pulling out of Palermo Airport in September, 2014. This company is an Alitalia subsidiary. Chances are it is going to be dismantled.

​May 2014 Finnair & Qantas flyers pay attention. Both airlines facing cut backs to staff.

Irish national airline Aer Lingus
22 March 2014 Siptu union plan go slow all through the summer and the rest of the year. Terminology used "Relentless, any and all, industrial action necessary and to fight against any other legal action". Be nice to yourself and don't book a ticket with them till next year. Who want's to deal with this aggravation. Delays, runway delays, engineering delays, baggage delays etc.
Aer Lingus strike


Do not book with Lufthansa, Air France or Aer Lingus 2014. Several union issue are still unresolved. This includes all affiliates ie Transavia, Germanwings, Austrian Airlines,  Aerann. Do your homework.
I hear you. Whose left? Try British Airways, United Airlines, Emirates. 
Europe? Ryanair has had a fantastic year and employee grumbling is low. Support Greece - Aegean Airlines, Olympic Airways strikes have calmed down, expect a couple more general strikes, they won't be peek season.
Lufthansa Strike

More important are the European air traffic controllers. Lots of layoffs for them to deal with. Last strike January 2014. 
Still I ramble, send me an email pennyciocchi@easytravelreport.com 

22 August 2013 Latam Airline, a merger between Brazilian airline TAM and Chile's LAN not going so well financially.  $329 million loss first quarter of this year alone. Subsidiary LAN Argentina kicked out of Buenos Aires - Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport hanger in Argentina in the name of national security. Long story.
(My opinion only. Guaranteed confusion and strong likely hood you'd never get your money back if this airline goes under)

May 2012 Libyan Airlines employees strike, no warning, passengers stranded. Routinely repeated several times this year and it's only May.

April Croatia airline pilots threatening and later in the month announcement made Croatia airlines is for sale. SATA strike still on. Out of Italy Blue Panorama and MeridianaFly always on strike.

March 2013 Strikes by Iberia, TAP Portugal, SATA International and SATA Azores.

April 2013 Cyprus government doesn't have the money for a bail out. Do yourself a favour and choose another airline. Likely to end service after summer.
Turkish Airline employees threatening strike in April.

March 29, 2013 Rumours on the Internet that Caribbean Airlines might be declaring bankruptcy. Caribbean Airlines ownes Air Jamaica. Get travel insurance before strike is declared. You know it's going to come to that. Likely in the summer months.                                                                                    
January 2013  This year is going to see a lot of strikes, as airlines struggle to get in financial ship shape. Mainly the so called legacy airlines, American Airlines, Iberia, Air France, Estonia Airlines (day to day) and Lot Polish Airlines.

Some thumbs up go to Austrian Airlines, even Air India have books in order and have made a profit this last quarter.

November 2012
9 November 2012 Iberia back in the news today, employees reject management restructuring plan which includes laying off 4,500 workers.

Looking for a low cost airline in South Africa?  Mango 
Airlines pilots want a whooping 14% pay raise and threaten strike action. Rival 1Time goes under, Friday, 2 November leaving hundreds of passengers stranded over 8 countries. 

Rumours flying around on the Internet over SAS Airlines, owned by Norway, Denmark and Sweden, stocks have stopped trading, no profit since 2007

Just want to give you a reminder to stay away from 
TAP Portugal. Without a doubt they will strike over the holidays. Added to this airline is now for sale.

Aer Lingus are striking this month. Don't book with them they will ruin your Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year holidays.

October 2012 
Luxair from Luxembourg, union talks have stalled, don't book with them plenty of other airlines choose from.

Aer Lingus bitter dispute over pension plans. Currently a strike to be held Monday 19 November 2012. Don't get caught if you codeshare with them ie JetBlue follow

We all know about American Airlines pilot go slow. Airline leaving passengers stranded during unexpected lay overs over night in Denver. International flights delayed or cancelled. Aircraft seats installed backwards.

Air Canada is running smoothly but ALL employees told by Canadian government to basically shut up, accept contract and deemed it illegal for employees to strike. 

Pakistan International Airways (PIA) Broke and can't find spare parts for fleet.

Austrian Airlines pilots contract has been ripped up by management. (Owned by Lufthansa Airlines) Picked up a nice profit when Lufthansa went on strike earlier this year.

Greek airlines Aegean and Olympic Airways nearly always cancel/delay flights when Greece has a national strike.

Germany, Lufthansa Airlines talks still on going between unions and management.

19 July 2012 Darwin Airlines out of Lugano Airport is in financial dire straights. Flights to Bern, Geneva, and Zurich airline flies to France Italy Luxembourg and Spain

October Oh Boy, mystery of the Internet. We apologize Page has just disappeared like your pet fish do. Poof.  Will start over from scratch from memory.
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 shaky airlines

Ask yourself, should I book a ticket with these airlines? These companies are embedded, entrenched with industrial disputes and have threatened strikes for when you are going to travel!
Aegean Airlines
Aer Lingus
Air Berlin
Air Canada
Air France
Air Kenya
Air Jamaica
Air Malta
Air Nigeria
Air Zimbabwe
 Austrian Airlines
Caribbean Airlines
Croatia Airlines
Cyprus Airlines
Estonia Airline
Iberia Airlines
Kingfisher Airline
Kuwait Airways 
Latam Airline
Libyan Airlines 
Lufthansa (this includes Germanwings)
New Caledonian
Olympic Airways
Philippine Airlines (PAL)
Pluna Airline
Spirit Airlines
TAP Air Portugal
SATA Azores & SATA International
Turkish Airlines
US Airways

 Don't ruin your vacation!   

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