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Sunday, 1, August, 2010  Greek government lifting mobilization only if truckers cancel strike. Truckers now have cancelled strike. Islands still out of fuel. Truckers will be coming back to this issue.

Saturday, 31, July, 2010 Gas is slowly coming back to the pumps today. Thanks to police escorting military commandeered fuel tankers. Athens and Thessaloniki getting relief. Islands still suffering.
Crete tourists having problems getting to local airport due to  buses having lack of fuel. 
Island of Zakynthos, municipal workers walk of the job, not sure how this will effect travelers. Do you? email us. Truckers will meet tomorrow for next move.

Friday, 30, July, 2010 Day 5, Greek lorry strike, still going on. Tens of thousands Greeks and tourist stranded without petrol.  Tourists from Bulgaria and a 100,00 Serbian's stranded. Rental cars left stranded on side of the road, Fuel on the black market going for five euro's a liter. Fresh food shortages, just be careful in what your eating. Greek government will call in the army and navy to respond to the gas shortage, particularly to hospital's and airports. 
This man must be pulling his hair out. Leonidas Efthymiou, head of the Greek National Tourism Organisation

Wednesday, 28, July, 2010 Greek government order Greek lorry drivers back to work.

Monday, 26, July, 2010 35,000 drivers don't show up for work today. Fuel deliveries now blocked. Government is looking to reform freight sector. Plans include giving new licence's. Opening up competition. Surpassingly no new licence's have been given out for 40 years. Those that have been issued over the years are sold for thousands of euro's. Unfair for existing operators who have already paid high start-up fees running up to €300,000 ($391,000). Smells of corruption doesn't it?

25, July, 2010 Greek truck drivers strike, tonight at 9pm. No end date given, yet. People are queuing for gas already.  Expect the worst case scenario, if this strike drags on. Possibilities ie:-
Ports may become blocked, rotten perishables on stranded trucks.
Shortage  of gas for commuters, fire, ambulance, public transportation, taxi's and worst of all delivery of airline fuel.
Truckers may block borders and roads going into and out of major cities.
If it drags on food and medicine shortages.

2/20/09  The customs posts at Evzoni, Doirani and Niki, in northern Greece, as well as the border crossings of Promahonas and Exohi, were blocked by lorries and other large vehicles on Thursday due to the mobilizations by truckers who remained in place on Friday, while similar blockades spread were set up later Thursday at the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa.

   The protesting truckers blocked access to other vehicles transporting goods allowing, however, passage to private cars and tourist coaches.

   Their demands include implementation of 24-hour checks on trucks with foreign license plates to tackle the problem of "pirating", i.e. foreign truckers illegally working in Greece. They also called for measures aimed at dealing with the problem of illegal migrants in seaports attempting to stow away on Italy-bound trucks.

1/29/08 Farmers accept support package.  Borders still closed.

1/27/2009 Day 9 of Greek trucker strike.
Air traffic controllers came out in support of the farmers today in a strike that the Greek government calls illegal!  70 blockades by truckers split the country in half today, strategic junctions along the highways all the way to Thessaloniki in the north.  Bprders between Macedonia, Albania, Hungary and Turkey have been blocked. Tractors blocked  the narrow Isthmus of Corinth, the bridge connecting Athens and the Peloponnese peninsula.  Only emergency medical supplies have gotten by.  
Shortages in food markets and shortage of medicines in hospitals.  Greece's public bus company KTEL closing 45% of routes due to blockages. Trucks have rotten cargo's. Occasional  fighting between farmers and truckers.

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