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See who else is on strike today?
Whose on strike today?
Shaky Airline Status
Is your airline reliable?
300 Billion rupees ($3 billion) in debth. Nominated as the world’s most overstaffed airline.
February 2016 PIA announce airline will open new subsidiary airline - low cost.

Pakistan International Airlines - PIA

Here's a story for you, this airline is always entertaining RealFacts

Strikes labour disruptions for 2016
October 6, 2016 Pakistan Airlines cutting back staff 11,000 of the 18,000 staff. Expect strike action. Don't use this air carrier.

Monday 8 February 2016 Pilgrims fly home, flights getting back to normal 
International News
​Four missing employees are now home. 
Lahore flights up and running Dunyanews.com
On the other hand check the PIA flight cancelations at ourairport.com

Saturday February 6, 2016 PIA pilot's pull out of strike action.

Late Friday, 5 February 2016 Seems like PIA alternative plan fails DailyTimes.com.pk
​Now they've lost passengers dailymail.com

Thursday 4 February, 2016 Update:-for today. Perhaps you need to know that Pakistani Railway threaten to suspend service in support of PIA workers. Another article came about spike in airfares Tribune

Karachi - Jinnah International all PIA departure flights were cancelled today.
Jinnah International Airport
We use ourairports site to see what's going on. PIA not taking bookings. Dawn PIA hire four jumbo's to bring back pilgrims
Oman Muscat Daily
​IMF - Privatization has been delayed by 6 months. The country is in serious financial mess, electricity, national airline, steel Mills Tribune.com
​Likely scape goat PIA Chairman Nasser Jaffer resigns Tribune

Wednesday 3, February Airline still grounded, some passengers switching to Airblue, Shaheen Air, Etihad Airways agreed to help bring back stranded passengers along with Saudi Arabian Airlines. PIA is in talks with Turkish Airlines.

Tuesday 2 February 2016 Two deaths today, airline halts operation First Post

2 February 2016 Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif imposes Pakistan Essential Services Act for 6 months. Making it illegal for PIA staff to strike. However pilot’s still threat strike action.

Update:- 1 February 2016 Airline workers to strike Tuesday, starting 7am. Be prepared Tuesday, you might find roads blocked to your airport in Pakistan and flight cancelled Daily Pakistan

Update:-31 January 2016 All office workers ordered back to work tomorrow. Safety and security will be in place for all workers
Rumor - privatization for airline by late summer.

Update:-29 January 2016 Day 4 of disruptions Nation.com

25 January 2016 Union members threaten to close airline offices tomorrow. Great way to start the year Dailypakistan

Some of last year 2015 discontent
29 January 2015 Pakistan European Air Safety Agency (EASA) warn airlines "extreme caution" when flying over, into, out of, and within Pakistan. Do not fly under 24,000 feet.

Do see front page for more  strike updates
Our travel guide for Pakistan airline strikes

​26 August 2015 PIA pilot's threaten strike action. Be prepared for delays. Pia changing pilots status from regular employee to contractual.

6 May 2015 PIA flights delayed today by 4 hours at Allama Iqbal International Airport

3 February 2015 First strike/go slow for the year.
PIA aircraft stuck on runway for at Benazir Bhutto International for one and half hours while crew protest. Conveniently parliament members and senators on board.

​​Industrial actions for 2014
13 October 2014 Airline management agree to pay four months in back pay to PIA pilot's
over three months.

12 October 2014All passenger traffic has been re-scheduled to land in daylight hours after terrorist threats. 

Saturday 16 October 2014 PIA pilot's back at strike action again today The News ​and emergency landing today The Nation

The Dawn reporting delays and cancellations

16 June 2014 Back again PIA pilots threaten strike action again. This time it is an issue over taxes.

Old industrial actions
September 2012 46 bird hits alone this year

December 2011 Not just us. Pakistan Observer has an interesting article today about PIA pakobserver.net

17 November 2011 PIA 8 planes grounded due to lack of parts brecorder.com

Feb 11 Update:-PIA strike over with at a cost of $6million dollar a day loss. Merger with Turkish Airlines cancelled, managing director Mohammad Aijaz Haroon resigns. 
11. Feb 11, Feb All flights grounded.
Unions and management met today, nothing resolved,  thousands stranded worldwide. Karachi Int. Airport PIA's information desk closed. seattletimes.nwsource.com

9 Wed PIA Illegal strike still going on 

8 Feb. PIA 18,000 pilots, cabin crew and kitchen staff on strike today.
Codeshares with Aerosvit Airlines, China Southern Airlines (Skyteam)
Thai Airways International (Star Alliance)
Turkish Airlines (Star Alliance) Flights cancelled to UK and Turkey. Karachi and Dubai delayed. Kaleej Times

7 February, Pakistan International Airlines back defending themselves, all international and domestic flights running on time. No go slow.  tribune.com.pk

30 August 2010 PIA pilots go slow plan, backfires. Pakistan government placed services of pilots employed in the national carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), under the umbrella of Pakistan Essential Services Maintenance Act 1958 for six months. Pilots union PALPA threaten law suits. khaleejtimes.com

6, August, 2010 PIA management looking for retired pilots. Moving this airline over to shaky airline status. Tribune.com.pk

5, August, South Pakistan evacuating 500,000 people due to floods. 

2, Aug  Day 9, Pakistan airlines pilots back on an illegal go slow. Pakistan severe monsoon season, check your not delayed. 

7/27/09 The Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SAEP), associated with the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), 725 engineers, continue the “safety and quality campaign” double checking the safety of PIA aircraft. Engineers want their salaries to be equivalent to 55 percent of a pilot’s average salary. 

Friday, 24 April, 2009 PIA pilots agree to stop the go-slow. 16 international and 11 domestic flights have been cancelled due to pilots' go-slow protests,
450 million rupees (5.584 million dollars) loss and stranded travellers at Lahore and Islamabad airports.930.694 million dollars over the past five years.  With the lowering price of jet fuel they now have broken even.

Sunday, 19 April, 2009 PIA pilots say they are not on strike and that management is to blame for a propaganda campaign against them.  Union looking for an agreement to be signed by 30 June, 2009.

18 April, 09 22 pilots refuse to operate flights.  PIA 
22 PIA pilots refuse to operate flights. PIA reschedule four international and one domestic flight due to pilots’ refusal to fly. PALPA, pilots union asking pilots not to accept any flights. Union looking for a 35 percent raise for pilots.

Fares for Hajj and Umra might be slashed in the current year if the petroleum prices remain unchanged 

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Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association 

Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SAEP)
Pakistan International Airways, PIA news review, guide.  Codeshares with Aerosvit Airlines, China Southern Airlines (Skyteam) Thai Airways Int. (Star Alliance) and Turkish Airlines (Star Alliance) Flies out of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. Popular destinations Dubai, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta and Sialkot. Can always try Airblue they fly to Manchester, UAE, Lahore and some.
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