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Liat Strike
Liat Airlines Pilot Strike
Liat Airlines has notice up
Pilot Union,  Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association LIALPA

Sunday June 11, 2017 Liat Airline strike by pilots ended Friday night.

June 8, 2017 Liat pilot's reject a new wage offer at meeting today. Be prepared for more disruptions.

Liat pilots went on strike today, Wednesday 7 June 2017. Pilots refuse to fly the 48 seater, ATR 72 aircraft, this is causing flight delays and cancellations. They do own smaller aircraft to accommodate passengers. This will make it difficult catching an international flight to and from mainland US. (Liat isn’t the most organized company) Call them, stay on their back.
Partnerships with Virgin Atlantic, JetBlue and PAWA Dominicana.

April 3, 2016 This is what was going on at Liat yesterday Barbadostoday

Liat Airlines - Easter Strike Threat
20 March 2015 Liat airline pilot union LIALPA tell passengers to expect strike action. Flights likely to be disrupted all summer, this includes Easter.
Management eliminating meal breaks and company lacks pilots. Airline will do everything they can do to minimize delays over Easter. 

18 February 2015 Announcement today, 180 workers to be given the heave ho. Includes pilots, flight attendants, management and pen pushers. Company considering outsourcing baggage handling. Barbados Prime Minister Gaston Browne seeks meeting with Liat
Last years industrial actions 2014
3 December 2014 Liat pilot's remove any strike threat. You are good to go over the holiday's!
Friday 28 November 2014 Two pilots fired. Two aircraft out of action. You are likely to experience delays.
Saturday, November 15, 2014 Jamaican pilots at Caribbean Airlines threat strike action.
Sunday, November 2, 2014 Liat in the news today regarding 20% of staff to be given the heave ho. 
13 February 2014 Liat employees tell management "no" to working for two weeks without pay. Management threaten layoffs.
28 January 2014 Liat airline connections likely to be up the creek strike by European air traffic controllers. Follow along with us see the countries involved. 
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Last year 2013 industrial actions
August 18 2013 Retraining of staff Trinidad Express News

December 16th Baggage delays and cancelled flights antiguaobserver
December 6, 2013 Seasonal baggage restrictions in place.
November 10, 2013 All Liat operations back to normal.
November 8 Nevis servis suspended Caribbean News Now
November 6 2013, Basis of problems Barbados today   and Liat withdraws suspensions Barbados today  Here's what Liat says today, they have to update.  Perhaps you were one of the passengers abandoned in Santo Domingo Dominican today
Liat Strike
November 5, 3013 Liat Airlines, pilot strike see advisory  LIAT  wishes to advise passengers who decide to travel but are unable to complete their journey due to the disruption, will not be provided with meals, transportation, hotel accommodation, etc. Passengers with onward connections are advised to contact their respective carriers. 

Old industrial actions
August 14, 2013 More delays this week 

August 13 New aircraft grounded due to technical reasons

August 12, 2013 Delays still going on see Liat site

AUGUST 11, 2013 Pilots deny strike action, (our viewers think otherwise, wev've had several strike inquires asking if a strike is going on) Caribbean 360 
Chairman responds  winnfm 
August 1, 2013 Now Liat pilot's up set Caribbean 360
July 27 Liat apologises The Observer
July 5, 2013 Liat ads a security fee $1.25 per person
June 4, 2013 Liat airline to get a loan for new aircraft. Good news for a change.
17 April 2012 Liat employees on edge today hoping not to get the pink slip.
PS This new competitor has gone under.
New competitor REDjet

14 December 2011 Now other Liat employees unhappy and threaten strike action.

12 December 2011 Management suggest dissolve Liat Airlines and open new airline. 

11 December  2011 All flights back to normal.

7 December 2011 Heads up Liat grounded.
“Further information passengers are advised to contact the LIAT Call Centre from 7:15am: – from Antigua – 1-268-480-5582; toll free from the rest of the Caribbean – 1-888-844-5428 and from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands – 1-866-549-5428”, the airline said

6 December 2011 Liat on a go slow/strike/sick out, call them. Details @ Antigua Observer

The  Leeward Islands Airline Pilots’ Association (LIALPA) has warned the management of LIAT and the traveling public of industrial action. Antigua Observer

Some of you have to get back to mainland U.S for connecting flights so keep a beady eye on this.
Local Ashford Daniel's scathing point of view    

16 August Liat introduce hefty fuel charges

11 August 2011 Bridgetown City Ticketing Office (CTO) closed Aug 3, Barbados Workers union issues strike notice

Liat Strike
5 August 2011 Liat 11 day strike/go slow over today, but issues not resolved. They will be back.

27 July 2011 Liat Airlines on a go slow.

4 June 2011 Liat Airlines threaten strike, management refusing to meet union demands, layoffs this month. Reported by

Liat Strike 
20 April 2011 Quick strike by Liat workers today
30 June 2011 Liat workers back to work today.
29 June  2011 Liat airline ground workers on strike yesterday, still going on

21 April 2011 Brief Liat airline strike yesterday morning in Antigua,
Jamaican Observer

Old Stuff So last year
18, June, 2010 Liat back up and working.
16, June, 2010, Liat airlines brought to a standstill, all pilots called in sick today.
Liat pilots have taken sick, all flights have been cancelled to/in the Caribbean.  Liat is shut down, till?  
Liat press release
“LIAT wishes to advise that there has been a disruption in its service as Pilots throughout the network called in sick this morning.
This action has resulted in the cancellation of LIAT flights so far today.
Passengers are advised to contact their local LIAT airport office or the LIAT Call Centre for flight information before proceeding to the airport.
· From Antigua 480-5582
· Toll free from the rest of the Caribbean - 1-888-844-5428
· From Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands 1-866-549-5428
“Affected passengers will be allowed to rebook without any additional fees. Passengers who no longer wish to travel as planned, due to the disruption, will be issued a full credit for future travel on LIAT.
“LIAT sincerely apologizes to affected passengers for the inconvenience caused as a result of the action by its Pilots and will issue further advisories throughout the day.”

Issues center around retroactive holiday and vacation pay.  A bitter dispute that has been going on for years and now its customers have been stranded.

13, May, 2010, Jamaica Airlines last week, now it's Liat Airlines may be taken over by Caribbean Airlines.

11/25/09  Arbitration process going toooo slow for the pilots. Pilots questioning that salaries of managers and its chief executive officer have risen, yet pilots have not.

8/31/09  Liat in talk with Barbados regarding direct flights to Jamaica. 

8/8/09 Dominica unhappy with Liat, would like an alternative airline and new international airport.  Dominicans do not like the long lay over in Antigua to get to St. Lucia. 

7/29/09 All parties up beat, Liat management lifts an injunction after an historic meeting with Prime Ministers David Thompson of Barbados, Baldwin Spencer of Antigua and Barbuda and Dr Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines. In the future all matters of employment in relation to the pilots will go to binding arbitration.  All issues will be itemised and go to arbitration.

5/30/09 Corporate office at Liat give estimates to last weeks sickout. After 12 years of negotiations and restraint, the pilots decided it was time to send a message to the Board declaring their frustration. Hundreds of passengers were inconvenienced after pilots called in sick. Liat and 9 trade unions are trying to come to an agreement. 19 meetings have been held with eight Trade Unions and those negotiations are proceeding amicably. LIALPA holding up.
Cost to airline $350,000, list includes compensation to passengers, accommodation, transport, meals, airport overtime, charters, passengers on other airlines, staff overtime. 11 flights ended up canceled.  Large number of international passengers were making connections in North America and Europe. 

Heads of government from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States who were in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, for a meeting of the OECS Authority and were due to travel back to their respective countries on Friday.

5/30/09 Cost for LIAT in employing pilots goes beyond salaries

5/23/09 In short. Liat Air got an injunction against striking jpilots today.  The Antigua and Barbuda Industrial Court states the pilots must stop go slow, industrial action or strike and go back to work. Will stay in effect till “until the determination of the current negotiations”   Pilots glad that this will force Liat to come to the table. Passengers feel more secure now.
Try this link. Make sure you scroll down.

LIAT pilots are refusing to sit by and accept a court blocking them from taking industrial action.

5/22/09  Liat Airlines Trinidad, Caribbean flights, Liat flights in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, Martinique, St. Lucia, San Juan and Curacao are affected by the action. Captains have called in sick.

Of course, Memorial day long weekend for us travellers with limited time free. Nice way to treat customers. 4 July, is on a Saturday this year. don't book on the third.  Hopefully these long standing issues will come to an agreement by then.

5/22/09 LIAT Reports Partial Disruption in Service May 22, 2009

5/18/09 Liat airfare price hike.

24 April,2009 The former chief executive officer of LIAT, Mark Darby, is claiming unfair dismissal, following his release from the company earlier this week. 

4/22/09  LIAT announced Wednesday that it had won four silver awards in the 2009 Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) ADDY Awards competition for four of its advertisements used in the media last year.
10 April, 2009 Liat Airlines pilots have agreed to arbitration. Pilots looking for 30 percent raise to come in line with other pilots. Liat offering 2 percent!  Pilots are compensated by paid holidays. Liat expecting hectic Easter.  Now with no threat of strike.

8April, 2009 No strike is planned for Easter, per pilots.

6 April,2009 Liat Air. The Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA) spoke out today "We have made it abundantly clear to the Chairman of LIAT's Board that any such bonus payment, prior to settling a new LIAT/LIALPA Collective Agreement, will cause immediate industrial action," the LIALPA statement said.

According to the union Liat Airlines are considering an AIG type bonus for it's executives?  Liat Air upset that LIALPA, playing negotiations out in the media just before Easter holiday's!

3 March, 09 Liat airlines stops flying to Guadeloupe due to unrest and the now closing the airport at 6pm.

2/13/09 Effective March 3 Liat Air will scheduled services to and from the island of Canouan, part of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Originating from Grenada and Barbados. Extremely significant for the island of Canouan, locals and tourism.

2/5/09 Antigua Air Traffic Controllers expected to sign agreement with government  today. Contract makes allowance for an increase in salaries.

6 January, 09 Liat Airlines, severely effected by Aircraft Traffic Controllers who are on a go slow.  

12/24/08 Mediation for 28 days. A federal law, designed so both sides cool down.

12/23/08  LIAT to lower fuel surcharges Jan 09, by $7 for a one way ticket.British Airways and Virgin Atlantic dropped fuel surcharges effective 18 Dec. On another subject, no strike news, rumblings perhaps for new year.  Nothing yet, we are monitoring the situation, don't need a recap of last year.

12/19/08  More rumblings, but this time talk that action may take place over new year.

12/14/08  BASSETERRE, St. Kitts Liat Airline threatening pilot strike for Christmas holidays. Employees would like to be paid time and a half for public holidays. Crew have 42 days paid vacation to compensate for public holidays.  No confirmed strike date set as yet.  Flights are 90% filled...

Liat announces new baggage allowance

Liat passengers from Dominica dies en route

LIAT doing well despite global turbulence  
Monday October 27 2008

10/18/08  LIAT Airlines strikes Again.

10/17/08  Caribbean airline, LIAT, is expected to have its services fully back to normal by tomorrow

10/15/08  LIAT suspends flights during Hurricane Omar

10/13/08  LIAT – Gauging or just inefficient

10/12/08 LIAT is now addressing the critical luggage situation

9/28/08 LIAT adds flights to British Virgin Islands 

12/7/08 Liat flight attendants on sick out

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From Antigua – 1-268-480-5582; toll free from the rest of the Caribbean – 1-888-844-5428 and from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands – 1-866-549-5428”

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Liat Airline Strike 2017