Important don't just stop here see Whose on strike today? 

​Italian air traffic control strikes 2018
French air traffic control strike?
Call in Italy 800.65.00.55
Out of the country 39.06.65649 or your travel agent.

(8 May, now 8 June, 2018 Are unions making way for a huge strike 8/8/18?)

17 July, 2018 New Italian air traffic control strike planned this time for a Saturday, 21 July, 2018. Again poor Alitalia flyers will take brunt of strike action. CALL THEM. 
Check our front page for More strike action
Another air traffic control is planned for the 8 June 2018 from 1pm - 5pm (local times) It's high your flight could be delayed, canceled or brought forward. See Easy Travel Report for updates and other Italian strikes going on the same day.

​Italian air traffic control strike is planned for Tuesday, 8 May, 2018.
Your Alitalia flight will be delayed see who else is on strike that day Easy Travel Report

Union workers making it difficult in the aviation sector.
This could all change over night. Check are front page for any changes Easy Travel Report 9 February, 2018

New Alitalia Airline strike by workers is now planned for Wednesday, 28, February 2018. Stay in close contact with Alitalia. Your flight could be delayed cancelled or brought forward.

Alitalia strike planned for 9 February, 2018 has been cancelled. Other aviation workers will be striking that day. It will not be an easy day for airline passengers, see link above.

19 January, 2018 Italian airport workers will strike for 24 hours. Minimal service will be in effect. Rome, Pisa, Florence etc.
Not joining in Alitalia and air traffic control see

Old strikes for 2017
Be ready for strikes in Italy 14 and 15 December, 2017

First - taxi strike is to take place, Thursday 14 December, 2017. This strike is nationwide between the hours of 8am - 10pm.
Give yourself plenty of time to get to and from your Italian airport. Expect roads around airports, train stations and ports difficult to maneuver. Extra traffic on roads, traffic jams. Again check our front page for updates.

​Aviation strikes planned for the 15th.
Italian air traffic controllers will strike from 1pm - 5pm.
Aviation workers nationwide will strike 00:01 - 23:59hrs. Big one. This could involve all functions of Italian airports.

Individual airports add to the Disruptions at Rome, Ciampino, Fiumicino airports, Bari. Possible disruptions at Pisa and Florence airports lasting 24 hours.

Friday will also see industrial action with Ryanair and Vueling airlines

​Port strikes
Friday, 15 December, 2017 a 24 hour port strike nationwide. Following day Liberty Lines strike. Call them.

On the 17th rail strikes are planned, Trenord, Trenitalia, Mercitalia nationwid, 24 hours. Check your plans.

Again still time for this to all change. Good luck!

Italian air traffic controllers will strike 5 July, 2017 between 1pm and 5pm.  Italian air traffic control strikes

Update:-Friday 16 June 2017 Alitalia top of the world charts today for delays and cancellations.
Total flights cancelled world wide 120
delayed 93. Fiumicino arrivals 55 cancelled and 47 delayed and for departures 65 cancelled and delayed 65.
Very poorly managed. Obvious management doesn't care.
Easyjet show interest in buying them.

Update:-Today Wednesday 14 June, 2017 68 Alitalia flights were cancelled today worldwide. Rome's Leonardo Express will be running full schedule on Friday.
Italian General Transportation Strike
Update:-Italian air traffic control, ENAV strike (only) for 6/16 has been taken down. All other aviation strikes are on.

These are all local times and we will update.
Flying to Rome? Leonardo Express will be running full service. 
Finding a taxi will be near on impossible. Metro's and buses nationwide will be on strike periodically though out the day.
Friday 16 June 2017 Will involve all forms of transportation including aviation. 

Italian rail strike. Strike will last 24 hours. It will start night before, 9pm Thursday 15 June, 2017 till 9pm Friday 16th June. Involves:-Trenitalia, FSI Group, Mercitalia, Serfer Rail Services, Trenord and New Transport Traveler. Trains will power down earlier and your train will likely be stopped at the border.

Enav Italian air traffic control 1pm - 5pm? This controller strike
was taken down. (last two atc strikes have been cancelled)

Genoa Airport possible disruption between 10am - 2pm
Verona Airport 10am - 2pm
Bergamo Airport 10am -2pm
Rome Fiumicino Airport Noon - 4pm
Alitalia crews nationwide 10am - 2pm
Now here's something we've never seen before:-
Airlines operating in Italy, all staff nationwide flight personnel and ground workers 10am - midnight. 
Airfind, Nationwide airport and prompted airports nationwide 24 hours.


26 May 2017 Couple of updates for you regarding Alitalia codesharing with
Tap Portugal Airline and
Tarom airlines from Romania 
Romanian air traffic control strike

26 May 2017 Unfortunately it's not all good news for you today. Alitalia strike is still on. Italian air traffic control strike has been cancelled and rescheduled for July, 2017. Airport workers cancelled strike. Italian taxi strike for tomorrow is also cancelled. As for the truck strike Monday see Easy Travel Report


17 May 2017 Add new direct route to Brazil
You've got till June 5th to put your offer in.
Italian Government doesn’t want it, as with the UAE. State railway Ferrovie della Stato name has been thrown around.
This is the plan
in 4-6 weeks they expect non binding expressions of interest.
July - August non binding offers
September to October they expect concrete offers.
Chinese might be interested.

Alitalia Strike
Alitalia pilots, flight attendants and personnel will strike 28 May 2017 from 10am - 6pm. Call them if you are flying that day with them. 80% passengers have been notified.
You should also be worrying about an Italian taxi strike and Italian truck driver strike following day see Easy Travel Report

Italian air traffic controllers strike is planned for Sunday, May 28, 2017. 10am - 6pm. It's possible strike action could be deferred yet again. More news out closer to the date

Italian airport workers will strike same day for 24 hours. Strike will 
start 00:01 - 23:59hrs.

Still time for this information to change, 48 hours before strike action more news will be released.


May 7, 2017 Alitalia codeshares with Air Corsica See Air Corsica Strike action

For updates on Portuguese airport security strike see Easy Travel Report

24 April, 2017 Union members vote no to new cost cutting deal. Nail in the coffin.

13 April 2017 Alitalia runs out of money.

18th April, 2017 Alitalia unions will vote between April 20 - 24 whether or not to accept cost cutting deal made last week

​Update:-Wednesday April 19, 2017 Great news. All aviation across Italy for the 21st of April have been cancelled.

You should know an Italian air traffic control strike to take place Friday, April 21, 2017 from 10 am to 6 pm has been cancelled. Other aviation strikes will however still take place.

 Alitalia workers are joining in. Your flight could be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. This will involve flights the day before and after, so call your airline.
For other aviation strikes that day see

Old strike already from 2017
April 5, 2017 Today's shenanigans AP

Friday 31 March 2017 Several Alitalia unions confirm strike action for the 5th of April.
Do check our front page for updates

Strike will effect domestic and international Alitalia flights, 24 hour strike starts Wednesday, 4th April midnight.

Some Alitalia flights on Thursday are guaranteed to go between 7am - 10am and 6pm - 9pm.

Expect your flight to be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Several thousand Alitalia workers to be let go. 

Pilots and air crews will strike for 4 hours noon - 4pm this includes subsidiary Cityliner.

Passengers its highly advisable that you contact Alitalia if you are traveling on the evening of the 4th or morning of the the 6th, Friday. Alitalia wants to accommodate you.
Call in Italy 800.65.00.55
Out of the country 39.06.65649 or your travel agent.

(More meetings to take place later in the month that may effect your return trip, we will update)

Other aviation workers threaten 24 hour strike action on the 5th, Thursday 
from 00.01-23:59. Possible strike action in Turin, Verona?

Rome Ciampino and Fiumicino airport workers will strike from noon - 4pm.

Workers who operate Linate and Malpensa airport's will strike for 24 hours, includes ramp workers and some baggage handling. Call your airline.

Are you flying into Milan? Public transportation strike on the 5th. Strike will effect Milan metro, buses and trams. 
Mainly morning.

Check our front pages for changes

​Thursday 6 April 2017 Are you flying to Argentina? General strike is planned for that day.

Saturday 7th April, 2017 
Check travel plans if taking local transport in Naples, Vesuvius, Brescia.

9 April 2017 Trenitalia rail workers will strike
in the Piedmont - Turin, Cuneo region and Valle D-Aosta 9am to 4pm.

Check our front page for updates

Old strikes from earlier in the year 2017

Non aviation strike but you may need to know:-
Italian Taxi Strike - Nationwide
Rome and Milan expected to be hit hard by taxi strike
Tomorrow Italian taxi drivers will strike 8am to 10pm. BAD news for commuters extra traffic on road.
Demonstration in Rome, Madonna di Loreto square 9am - 2pm. Major disruption is expected in Rome and Milan several thousand participants expected.
Drivers will meet with government officials today 5pm.
​Alitalia strikes 2017
Heads up! Alitalia strike is planned for Wednesday April 5, 2017. 00:01 - 23:59. Expect your flight to be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Several thousand Alitalia workers to be let go.
We will update closer to the time.
Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Monday, 20 March 2017 Italian air traffic control strike 1pm - 5pm is still on. Your flight could be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Call your airline.
Other airport workers will be on strike that day, not known what the effect will be, likely to involve baggage handling.

Update:-Monday 20th We have a bit more information about the airport workers strike. The 24 hour strike started at 00.01 hrs Flights between the hours of 7am and 10am will leave as with flights from 6 - 9pm.

Heads up, new day for strike action planned 8th of March. Italian public transportation strike to hit, rail, buses and maritime. Aviation? 
Are you flying to Finland? Aviation strikes are planned

 Aviation Strikes Planned for Thursday February 23, 2017

Strike is confirmed.
Update:-Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Alitalia will cancel 60% of flights domestic and international on the 23rd. List of guaranteed flights
7am - 10am and 6pm - 9pm flights will operate as usual.
List of cancelled flights

Other Italian aviation trade union workers will strike from 2pm - 6pm adding to the misery.
The Alitalia airline should’ve contacted you by now and re-arranged your flight. 
Milan Linate airport and Rome Fiumicino Airport will have extra staff on to guide you.

Perhaps you need to know a taxi strike has been going on this week in Rome and Milan, Turin, Genoa and Naples for the last six days. Longest taxi strike in ten years, Uber push back. No end in site for this strike. Situation is tense, around airports and train stations nationwide. Be prepared leave for your airport early. Do check our front page Easy Travel Report

Alitalia Strike
Pilots and flight attendants, nationwide will strike 00:01 - 24:00 hours. Call Alitalia, your flight could be brought forward, delayed or worst cancelled. (It's possible your long distance flight from USA may still go. More news out 48 hours before any strike action)

Alitalia Subsidiary Cityliner nationwide strike by pilots and flight attendants 00:01 - 23:59 

Air Italy
Pilots and flight attendants will strike nationwide 00:01 - 24:00

Cabin crew will strike for 24 hours 00:01 - 24:00hrs nationwide 23 February, 2017. Union RSA ANPAV members.

Italian Ryanair crews from 2pm - 6pm 23 February, 2017

Volotea Crews from 2pm - 6pm 23 February, 2017

Bologna Airport
Bologna Airport Alpina workers will strike on the 23rd from 11am - 3pm.

Malpensa Airport workers will strike for 24 hours

Naples Airport
Naples airport personnel will strike between 11am and 3pm

Turin Caselle Airport
Aviapartner baggage handlers, handlers will strike for 24 hours.

Venice Airport
Venice Airport baggage handlers - Aviapartner will strike 2pm - 6pm.
follow along with us you never know what cancellations will come in. For this and other strikes

Updated today 19 January 2017 the official Italian gov site. (Yes, yesterday newspapers reported aviation strikes had been postponed to February 23, 2017, several strikes are planned for that day. Strikes cancelled were 24 hour strikes, if that helps) as you can see they've still got three strikes up...
  Milan's Linate and Malpensa Strike 
20 January 2017
​(We apologize for confusion)
​This strike however is on:-
Thursday 19 January 2017 Urgent call out from Alitalia today. 

Milan Malpensa/Rome Airport
Alitalia is asking all passengers who are flying from Milan to/from Rome tomorrow between 2pm ad 6pm to call them, to reschedule.
800-650-055 out of the country +39 06 65649. 

Alitalia state workers at Malpensa are causing this problem not them. 
If flying in and out of Milan's Malpensa or Linate Airport call your airline. Airport security are on strike between 2pm and 6pm tomorrow Friday, 20 January 2017.

Italian Airline Strike
January 18, 2017 Heads up if you are flying with Alitalia. Alitalia only has enough money till mid March 2017
Airline looking for government funding.
Do check our front page as Alitalia workers will strike in February 2017.

​Strikes from last year 2016 that effected Alitalia
December 14, Rome bus (Atac) strike, extra traffic on roads, shortage of taxi's. Commuters will crowd onto alternative forms of transport. Getting to the airports wil be fun!

How will you get to the airport?

December 15th Aviation strikes
Milan - Malpensa Airport baggage handlers and ramp workers 11am - 3pm. Call your airline.

Hand in hand with Milan's Malpensa is Rome's Fiumicino and Ciampino airports strikes from 11am - 3pm. This has been revoked

Alitalia workers threaten 24 hour strike, nationwide. This includes some cabin crew union members. Update:-Tuesday 13 Nothing in the news regarding this strike or at the Alitalia site. If you hear nothing - Strike may only involve pen pushers, in the office?

Alitalia Cityliner nation-wide strike by pilots and flight attendants 00:01 - 23:59 deferred to February 23, 2017.

​16th, December Be aware public transportation strikes are planned in Turin and Milan.


November several strikes are planned this month see

Alitalia Strike
Alitalia pilot strike, nationwide strike, Thursday, 22 September, 2016 for 24 hours. Alitalia will have a contingency plan in place for you. Chances are you will miss a connecting flight. Call them ASAP. Extra staff will be in place at Rome and Milan airports. You can postpone your flight free of charge till November 30th.
(going out on a limb, perhaps Alitalia long hauls will leave)
Alitalia  CEO has a notice up
and notice up now for Alitalia strike info
​Flightware:- canellations
Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino
Milan Malpensa and Linate


July 5, 2016 Aviation strikes planned
Alitalia subsidiary CityLiner flight personnel 11am - 3pm nationwide

Alitalia workers also threaten strike action at the same time 11am - 3pm. Talks are taking place to stop this strike by management. Strike involves Alitalia workers pilots’ and flight attendants from Rome Fiumicino, Milan’s Linate and Malpensa airport plus Brindisi Airport. Alitalia has a notice up

​​Italian Strikes June 17, 2016
1pm - 5pm Italian aviation strike, late notice given. Next strikes are being planned for July 23, 2016. Greek airport strike is planned for next week

Heads up, Monday 25 January, 2016 Alitalia ground workers nationwide will strike between the hours  10 am to 2pm. Not the only strike that day see
Perhaps you should also know about the Greek general strike planned for next month. Lastly French air traffic control strike and public transportation Tuesday 26 January

Old strikes we got wind of in 2015
Italian air traffic control planned 24 November 2015. Call Alitalia for information. Other Italian aviation workers across Italy will be striking see

Old strikes 2015 effecting Alitalia flights.
Update:-22 October 2015 Italian air traffic control strike has been cancelled. Strike was planned for this Saturday. Some Italian aviation strikes are still on however. See

Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Italian air traffic control strike is planned for Saturday, October 24, 2015 between the hours of 1pm - 5pm (local time). Your flight will be delayed, canceled or brought forward. Call your airline. It's not just air traffic control, other aviation unions across the country will strike that day. Bad day over all Italian airports. (Remember, Italian strikes are notorious for canceling strikes at the day before)

Update:-19 September 2015 Italian air traffic control strike has been cancelled - lucky you.

16 September 2015 You may also want to know Finnish air traffic controllers to strike this Friday, Italian air traffic controllers Tuesday September 22 and Saturday, 26 September, Spanish air traffic controllers will strike! for times and other strikes that might effect your travel plans from and to Rome.

Old industrial actions for 2015
Update:-Thursday 23 July 2015 Long hauls not effected ie North America, South America and Far East. 15% of domestic and European flights will be effected.

Alitalia pilot's and flight crews will strike for 24 hours on Friday, July 24, 2015, 00.01 - 24.00. Strike will be nationwide. Will not include flights to Bologna and Venice. Call them a certain percentage by law will have to leave. Your flight will likely be brought forward, cancelled or delayed till following day. 
​Avio News state a thousand pilot's to be given the heave ho.

Alitalia flights go on sale in September, turning into a low cost airline. Don't get suckered into these flights, other airlines offering competitive prices who are not going to strike at the drop of hat are available. Pay attention if you have a Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year booking with this airline. Do follow along with us for updates.

Old strikes for 2015
11 July 2015 Aviation strikes planned for 14 July 2015 have all been cancelled, including the Alitalia crew strike. Good news.

28 June 2015 Strikes galore coming up. French a traffic control strike, Australian immigration strike, Spanish baggage handlers strike see Possible in July Italian air traffic control strike

14 July 2015 will be a bad day for Italian airports and Alitalia see for latest

Update:-25 May 2015 See Ansamed article. The article states - in rush periods workers suspend strike from 7 am to 10am and 6- 9pm. Only 5% of ANPAC union - pilots and flight attendants went on strike today. Per Alitalia, Minimal disruptions took place. Although 130 flights were cancelled.

23 May 2015 Rome airport asking airlines to cut back flights by 20% now. More important is this Alitalia strike 2015 which is to start on Monday. Pilot's and flight attendants will strike for 24 hours. Alitalia would have contacted you by now? Alitalia website has nothing posted, so isn't helpful is it. By law some flights have to leave - a certain percentage. Other aviation strikes will be going on across Italy see our front page

8 May, 2015 Rome airport asking airlines to cut back flights to Fiumicino by 50%. Not sure how long this is to last

7 May, 2015 Rome Fiumicino Airport has re-opened after last nights huge fire at Terminal 3.
All flights were cancelled. Other terminals not effected. Tppk firefighters 5 hours to get it under control. Passengers face long delays. Investigation to follow, was this "wilful"

7 May 2015 Last night around 10pm a fire started in Terminal 3 behind a fridge in one of the restaurants. Some intercontinental flights are arriving. Don't go to the airport till it's announced it's opened. Road to airport closed. Italian railway brings in empty trains to evacuate passengers from the airport.

6 May 2015 Alitalia flight attendants lift strike action.

           Alitalia Strike 2015
4 May 2015 Aviation strikes planned 7 May, 2015 by Italian airport workers.

Alitalia's Cityliner 24 hour strike
has been revoked and added to the 25 May instead. 

Still, you will be flying into other strikes this week most likely. Some Alitalia flight attendants will be striking from 10 am - 2 pm on the 7th. Flights might work around this. Baggage handlers at Milan's Malpensa airport will give you strife all day. Might cause your flight to be cancelled.

See our front page Easy Travel Report

Update:-Friday 17 April 2015 Great news today. Enav call off Italian air traffic control strike for 21 April, 2015.

Yes, Alitalia flights will be delayed 7, 8 and 9th of April, 2015. French air traffic control strike flights to and from and flights that use French air space will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward.See future French air traffic control strikes April/May 2015

March 23, 2015 Strike is all over, flights came back to normal relatively quickly.

(Update:-Wednesday 18 March 2015 this strike is still on, has not been called off. Added to this Lufthansa airlines will strike Friday)

​           Alitalia Strikes
Toll 800.65.00.55 if they pick up.
Alitalia strike by pilot's and flight attendants is planned for 20 March, 2015 from 10 am - 6pm same time as air traffic controllers. 
Italian air traffic control strikes are planned:-
Friday, 20 March, 2015 from 10 am - 6 pm
Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 from 1pm - 5pm
Another pilot strike is being planned for May 7, 2015 for 24 hours.
Old strikes 
February 16th 2015 I'm afraid to tell you that Italian air traffic control strike is still on. Has not been cancelled. Alitalia should have contacted you by now. Strike will last from 1 - 5pm local time tomorrow. All airlines will be grounded during that time. Flights will recover for the next day.

26 January, 2015 Pilot's and flight attendants will strike, Sunday, 1 February, nationwide for 4 hours 10 am to 2 pm local time. 
Other travel news. Italian air traffic control strike 17, February. If flying to Germany, check our front page for airport security strikes. USA to be hit by a mega snow storm this week.
Update Thursday, 15 January :-Air traffic control strike is still on tomorrow. Rome's Fiumicino Airport baggage handlers join in Corriere. Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways cancel flights.
Alitalia Strike 2015
​Update:-Alitalia a 24 hour strike by pilot's and flight attendants had been planned for 27 January, 2015 has now been cancelled. 
Alitalia air crews, pilots and flight attendants will strike, nationwide, 00:01 -23:59, 24 hours on Tuesday, 27 January, 2015.
Alitalia domestic and short-hauls will be delayed cancelled or brought forward. More information available closer to date.

Italian air traffic control strike is planned between the hours of 1 - 5 pm, four hours on Friday, 16 January 2015, local time.
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 1 - 5 pm.
Venice rail strike again.

This Friday 10 January, Venice airport workers on a go slow.
Italian air traffic control strike
Controllers will strike 1 pm - 5 pm local time 12 December, 2014. It’s going to be a mess. Long hauls, short hauls and domestic flights will be grounded. 
In general flights will not be back on schedule till Sunday.

Alitalia Strike
Workers will strike from Noon - 4 pm. Long hauls will most likely fly. Have you contacted them?

As this is a general strike airport workers baggage handlers, ramp workers etc will be striking from 10 am - 6 pm. 
Call your airline. Chances are you will be cancelled or brought forward or delayed.
You don’t want to be traveling around Italy that day. Call work, stay an extra day.

Monuments and museums likely to be closed.

Italian trains will strike all weekend.

Taxi’s will be hard to find, extra traffic on roads causing traffic jams, occasional road blocks.

See Easy Travel Report for further updates

General strike is being planned for December 5, 2014.

Good news Alitalia strike for 4 hours, noon to 4 pm has been cancelled due to the natural disaster - flooding. Even so other aviation workers will be striking.

Sunday, 2 November 2014 Alitalia flights, Rome Fiumicino baggage handlers strike today. It's possible your bags will not be delivered till tomorrow. Alitalia flights effected by strike action from 7am to 1pm.
 (It appears when baggage handlers reported for work at 7am today. Magnetic strips had been de-activated. By 10am security personnel told them to leave - security risk) 

  Italian Transportation Strike
23 October, 2014 Italian General Strike
Black Friday, 24 October 2014 - 24 hours
Turin and Perugia not taking part.
Italian air traffic control have not given official notice of any strike action (yet see Eurocontrol) 
Italian official government strike page states air strike from 00.00 - 23:59.
Malpensa airport Express will be replaced with buses.
EasyJet has notice up and were on top of thing early.
​Bus, tram, metro and railways across Italy to have intermittent strikes throughout the day.
Problems for transportation will occur between the hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm and again 8pm till midnight.
Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Blocked roads to your airport, no trains to and from your airport, shortage of taxi's, extra traffic on the roads. Traffic jams.
Rome's Roma Termini to Fiumicino Airport - Leonardo Express will be running as normal. Escalators and elevators will not. Large demonstrations, thousands expected in Rome city center.
Trenitalia and Trenord some trains are guaranteed to leave.
Italian ​​​​List of Aviation Strikes
  for Friday, 14 November 2014

18 October 2014 New strike planned by workers at Marconi Airport, 10 am - 6 pm. Friday, 14 November, 2014.
EasyJet Strike for 24 hours
Various aviation workers to strike nationwide for 24 hours.
Alitalia workers from 1 - 4 pm (cancelled)
Techno Sky, (servicing and maintenance of equipment and systems used for the national air traffic control) nationwide time? See Easy Travel Report

Good News - 28 October 2014 Cancelled:-Italian air traffic control from 1 - 4 pm nationwide, that was planned for the 14th.

We will be updating on our front page
Trend lately:-strike threats and ultimately ending in cancellation of strikes. Do you feel lucky?
Other strikes planned that might effect Alitalia flights

October, November and December 2014 TAP Airlines strike
October:-Lufthansa pilot strike and Moroccan general strike see ETR

December:- Belgium general strike 15 December 2014 see ETR

Old strikes for 2014
​         Techno Sky Strike
An ENAV (Italian air traffic control) company "Techno Sky" will strike 13, September 2014, nationwide, 24 hours.
Techno Sky is in charge:- per website:-is responsible for the management, servicing and maintenance of equipment and systems used for the national air traffic control, ensuring full availability and full operational efficiency without interruption.
(Not sure what effect this strike will have. Two other strikes earlier in the year were both cancelled, never seen them strike before)
​​10 September 2014 Italian air traffic controllers (ENAV, the big guns) strike planned for Saturday, 27 September 2014 10 am to 6 pm local time Italian air traffic control strike
Old labor strikes for 2014
Rome Ciampino Airport workers to strike Saturday, 6, September, 2014 12:30 lunch time - 4:30pm. 
Also two Italian air traffic control unions have a strike planned for the same time.
90 flights cancelled just at Rome Fiumicino Airport. Thousands of flights across the country delayed, cancelled or brought forward.
Sunday, 17 August 2014 Last night Alitalia flight, Sardinia - Cagliari to Rome Fiumicino Airport. Passengers had to wait 1 1/2 hours for luggage. No explanation given.
7 August 2014 Alitalia struggle today to return luggage. Airline warns of possible mass absenteeism this weekend by employees. Your flights in danger of being delayed or worse.

August 6, 2014 Heads up, baggage strike over late last night. 200 crew worked to clear the backlog of luggage late last night

August 6, 2014 Baggage strike is still going on. Porto Airport and Palma de Mallorca both have baggage handlers strikes going on. Don't change your flight to TAP Airlines they will strike on the 9th

August 5, 2014 Alitalia, big take over this Friday. Hence Rome Baggage Handlers Strike. Follow along with us.

Sunday, 20 July, 2014
24 hours Alitalia flight crews, ground crews and check in staff. Update:-Some Alitalia unions signed a new contract today, Friday 18 July 2014. Pilots and flight attendants have not signed a new contract yet. This strike might be cancelled. Still check our front page
10 June 2014 You might encounter a taxi strike tomorrow across Europe tomorrow. Rome, Milan, London, Berlin, Marseille... Expect roads to be blocked from/to your airport  and train station.

Italian air traffic controllers this strike is cancelled.
​Italian air traffic control (ENAV) This strike has been deferred to Wednesday June 11, 2014. Four hours only 12.30-16.30. (Likely to be deferred)
Techno Sky Strike This strike is cancelled
An ENAV company "Techno Sky" will strike from Saturday 14 June 2014 to June 16, 2014
Not sure what effect a strike will have. per website:-is responsible for the management, servicing and maintenance of equipment and systems used for the national air traffic control, ensuring full availability and full operational efficiency without interruption.
​Rome's  Ciampino Airport Strike
4 June 2014 Wednesday Wildcat strike by Groundcare baggage handlers goes into the evening. Groundcare serves 90% of flights in Ciampino. Flights cancelled or delayed. Frustrated passengers given water and hotel rooms. Management now in talks. Bad day for Ryanair not only did management have to deal with this a Ryanair jet hit an aircraft hangar.

  Italian Car Ferry, passenger ferry Strike
Tirrenia ferry strike - 24 hours.
Starts 6pm Wednesday June 4, 2014. 
Strike ends 6pm Thursday June 5, 2014
                Italian Rail Strike (still on)
Train Trenord Strike (Milan, Bregamo)
May effect Malpensa Express
Trenord strike starts Saturday 9pm 14 June 2014 (expect trains to power down earlier) goes on till 9pm Sunday 15 June.
Milan (45 Kilometers - 28 miles from Milan city center) Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport closed till June 2, 2014 for airport repairs. Airport getting ship shape for Milan World Expo 2015.

Old industrial action
Alitalia strike planned for May 16, 2014 by cabin crew has been cancelled.
Italian air traffic control will strike Friday May 16, 2014. Italian air space will be closed for one hour 2-3pm local time. Call your airline for details.

March 7th 2014 Alitalia urging passengers to call them if flying to Milan. Intercontinental flights will be flying from Malpensa. See other disruptions planned for that day Easy Travel Report

Milan taxi strike postponed till Thursday, March 13th.
Italian air traffic control strike planned 21st February, 2014 has been revoked (again) and is now planned for Sunday, March 23rd 1pm - 5 pm.
Dublin Airport Strike coming soon.

Frankfurt airport security strike planned 21 February 2014 1am to 10pm
16 February 2014 Talks with Etihad Airways going well.

29 January 2014 Added to the aggravation wildcat taxi strike at Linate airport today.

28 January 2014  Italian air traffic control strike Noon to 4pm on Wednesday, 29th January and
Thursday 30th January 2pm to 2:15pm. (Why bother? Guessing a pro Single Sky Bigwig will be in the air) Alitalia flights will be delayed, brought forward or even cancaelled.

Follow along with us to see which other countries are joining in. 
Easy Travel Report
Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Heads up, this strike has again been postponed till Friday, February 21st, 2014
Last years industrial actions for 2013
Update:-Sunday 17 November Italian air traffic control strike has been cancelled. Alitalia strike still on 1-5pm. Milan's Linate and Malpensa airport workers will strike for 24 hours.
15 November 2013 Attention if flying to and from Italy November 22, air traffic control strike and Alitalia workers will strike same day. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report
Air France has decided not to cough up money for Alitalia.
Alitalia cabin crew strike and Alitalia pilot strike is planned for Tuesday, October, 29 from 10am to 2pm, local time.  
Italian government will not bail out Alitalia again. Shareholders to contribute 300 million unions. Next AF and KLM to contribute, by November 16. High chance this airline could go belly up. Choose another airline if possible.
Old industrial action
Italian general strike planned Friday October 18.
Bad day to travel to, from and around Italy. Your flight "could" be brought forward, delayed or even cancelled.

​Italian air traffic control strike planned for October 18, 2013 ​ 11-3pm.

If flying with Alitalia, call them to confirm. Alirline will strike for 24 hours starting midnight Thursday, October 17.

​Announced on August 21, Palermo's air traffic controllers will strike from 1-5pm Friday, October 18.
Announced 1 October Florence airport strike from 11am to 2pm on Friday October 18.

September 2013. Strikes abound this month in Italy. Alitalia subsidiary,Cityliner. Air traffic controllers, airports even ferries this month. Check our front page

Alitalia employees will strike, nationwide Friday, September 27, 2013 10 am to 2pm. Revoked
Yes, a new list:-
Revoked Italian Strikes!
Italian Airline Strikes Thursday, July 18
Alitalia Cabin Crew Strike Noon - 4PM lucky you
Linate and Malpensa airport strikes planned for 18 July and July 27 have been cancelled.
Italian Easyjet strike, typical Italian style, not sure if it's on or off for the 18th.

July 18, Blue Panorama cabin crew strike 24 hours still on.
June 12, 2013 Heads up Alitalia strike planned for Friday has been deferred till thursday July, 18. Check back for up date. 
Florence Airport strike from 12-4PM on the 14th.

10 June 2013 French air traffic controllers strike this week. This makes it harder to bring your flight up earlier.
Alitalia flight attendants strike, 24 hours 
June 14, 2013
7 June 2013 Alitalia management and 2,200 workers come to an agreement that will save 630 ground workers jobs. All workers will reduce salary by 50-60 euros and not work 5 days a month.
Flights to Milan's airports Linate and Malpensa might be delayed cancelled,  or even bought forward due to 24 hour airport workers strike on Wednesday 29 May. Follow along with us at Malpensa Airport Strike
May 13 Tomorrow Linate airport and Malpensa airports to be hit by airport worker strike for 24 hours. Alitalia and Air One have been trying to contact you. Just in case, you should know Croatia airlines to strike tomorrow as with Turkish Airlines on Wednesday. Airline seats will be scarce. Confirm!

May 7 Alitalia unions cancel strike planned for May 14. Nice. Airport workers will still strike
Update:- March 20, 2013 This strike by Alitalia pilots has changed.  
Strike is now for 4 hours only from noon till 4PM Friday, March 22, and involves flight attendants.
A 24 hour strike by Alitalia pilots planned for April, 18 has now been cancelled, pilots make deal with management.
March 11, 2013 Heads up Alitalia pilot strike March 22, Alitalia all but grounded.
Fiumicino Airport Alitalia strike today February 4 ostiatv

So last year
30 November We have picked up no delays or cancellations over Alitalia organization. Union should be shot for this aggravation.

28 November Comments on Twitter today by passenger. Some flights showing unaffected. Advised to call 24h before to confirm.

27 November 2012 Alitalia to strike for 24 hours. 00.01 - 23.59 
Friday, 30 November 2012. Not sure if it will effect international flights. Alitalia website has noting up except help lines.
Abroad +39 06 65649 
Domestic 89 20 10
You've given them your phone number right?
We will be up dating.

Old news
We have some updates for you for Alitalia in November.

Country is joining in the Pan-European strike, unions dream day. 14, November 2012 or 14N.
Airline strike 10 - 2PM, (we think Italian air traffic controllers are also joining in, in which case no flights will be grounded.Rail 2PM - 6PM and ports.

19 November Milan and Linate airport strike
see Easy Travel Report Linate and Malpensa pages.

29 November Another Italian general strike, looking for more information.  Will effect ports, rail and air.

30 November (still time to change) Alitalia workers will strike for 24 hours.  Best call them.

30 October 2012 Alitalia reports a profit for the first time this year. 2013 airline will have another 17 new destinations.  Lost monopoly between Milan and Rome to EasyJet. Still won't help those persistent strikes by Milanese airport workers.
Alitalia Italian Airline Strike
When - Friday 26 October 1-5 PM
Who - Pilots flight attendants and ground workers.
Likely to effect all flights from Italian airports.
Will likely not effect International flights. Although you will be flying into this mess. (possible national strike Friday 16 November 2012)
September 2012 Alitalia to layoff 700 employees.

21 June 2012  Public transportation strike going on tomorrow. Alitalia asking passengers to call hot line 
see our front page

1 February 2012 Here's some good news for a change. Alitalila planning to merge with Blue Panorama and Windjet. atwonline

Friday 27 January 2012 Strike for today has been cancelled Avionews

Monday 13 January 2012 Italian airport and airline strike, 24 hours, call your airline or travel agent, your flight may be bought up, delayed or cancelled.
Sunday 26 January 2012 Italian 24 hour train strike, Trenitalia strike, to start at 9 PM. Are you on a strike proof train?
Monday 27 January All out general transportation strike for 24 hours.
Alitalia flight attendants strike, four hours, from 1:30-5:30 PM.
Trains:- Trenitalia strike to end 9 PM.
Buses, Metro, Trams:- will also strike, to be announced by territories.

Just give yourself extra time getting to airport, remember taxi's maybe hard to find. By law a certain percentage of public transportation has to run, so you won't be abandoned.
Monday 13 February Strike by Air France/KLM at Milan's Malpensa airport 4 hours only, but still annoying all the same. 10 AM to 2 PM.

Old stuff:-1 September, 2011 Alitalia pilots, flight attendants will strike along with the whole country Tuesday, 
6 September for 8 hours 10 am to 6pm. This is a general strike so check with your airline, train, airport... Do check our Easy Travel Report front page for updates. You might want to book a hotel at your airport whether it's in Italy or not. Always cancel later in the day. Double check that advice!
Airports will be closed from 10am to 6pm, flights maybe backed up.

More Italian strikes spring and summer 2011 

Italian general strike Friday 6 May, see front page

Old Stuff
Friday, March 11, 2011 is a planned general strike in the public transport sector 24 hours.

Alitalia Airline Strike
23 February, 2011 Alitalia and Air One pilot strike, 24 hours.

10 Feb. 2011 Happy Valentine Day, Meridiana Fly, flight attendants, wait for it a 48 hour strike starting Sunday midnight, going on till midnight of the 15th Tuesday. Pilots will also strike for 24 hours. Also Alitalia pilots and cabin crew will strike for 24 hours

Old Stuff
Good bye 2010
Friday, 17 December,  Alitalia strike, Air One, Meridiana for this week is cancelled. Never fear they have only postponed it till 

(Perhaps around Jan 6 the Epiphany public holdiay, just guessing folks. Perhaps Friday, 7 Jan, extra long holiday? Slap me, way toooo cynical)
Friday, November 5, 2010  Rome, Alitalia workers 12-4pm
Monday, November 15, Alitalia ground strike 10-6pm and Venice Marco Polo airport strike same day.
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Pilots for Alitalia and Air One will strike for 24 hours.

Something good for a change, Alitalia to start a direct route, June, 2011 from London, Heathrow to Rio de Janeiro. Only airline in Europe to do  direct route. Alitalia will now code share with Air Canada.

Alitalia airline strike
Alitalia 24 hour strike, Monday, 25, October by pilots and flight attendants

Monday, June, 7, Airport personnel and baggage handlers 10-6pm, this is the strike that was originaly scheduled for the 14, May and goes country wide. Alitalia, Air One.

3/30/2010  Alitalia pilots and flight attendants, 24 hours, Monday, 3, May, 2010.

3/27/10 Friday, April, 16, 2010 all Italian airports baggage handlers on strike for 24 hours. Workers have been working without a contract for two years. Make life easier for yourself, change flight now before everyone else. Unions who proclaimed strike are FILT, CGIL, FIT CISL, Uiltrasporti. Any information on this strike would be appreciated, please email us.  Airline passengers need to know what to expect that day. 
24 hours, Friday, April 23 all rail transportation, Trenitalia, workers and bus services, of local public transport companies. 

Italy this weeks public transportation strikes.
Monday March 22 Alitalia pilot and flight attendant strike. Was 24 hours now 12-4pm. Some baggage handlers will strike same time, all major Italian airports? 

Tuesday 23 March railway staff of Trenitalia. From 21 on Tuesday 24 hours for regional trains in Piedmont, Liguria and Tuscany are subject to delays and cancellations.
Naples 23 March  public transport and service Anm not be' guaranteed from 9 to 1pm, Sepsa are subject to delays and cancellations 8-2:30 

Buses will stop for four hours, from 12.30 to 16.30 on Wednesday 24 March, a strike called by FILT-CGIL, FIT-CISL, UIL Transport, Fais-Cisal, UGL, SDL Tpl and RdB. Rome Metro strike from 8.30 to 5pm and from 8pm to end service.
Rome three strikes are planned which will involve the subway, the three railways to Ostia-Viterbo, Civita and Gardens, and some bus lines in the area south of the city: the coordination Machinists Metro Roma protest from 8.30 to 5pm and from 8pm to end service, at-risk urban rail and buses serving the area south of Rome, between 8.30 and 12.30.

24 hours, Friday, April 23 all rail transportation workers and bus services, of local public transport companies. 

​Alitalia Airline Strike
February, 16, 2010 Alitalia personnel 12-4pm
January, 23, 2010 Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate on strike for 8 hours 4-7am and 10-3pm.  Just enough to interupt your travel plans.
January, 15, 2010 Alitalia personnel 12-4pm
General strike Italy, 24 hours, private and Government, public sector, 23, October, 09
Airone Cityliner 24 hours.
Alitalia has cancelled 6 flights, domestic only, between the hours of noon to 4pm.  See front page

11, October, Alitalia personnel pilots, flight attendants and ground crews. UGL union, 12-4pm, call airline, Alitalia looking to put passengers on other flights and
Airone pilot strike, four hours 12-4pm

October 11, 2009 Trenitalia personnel will be on strike for 24 hours, from 9.00 pm of October 10th, to 9.00 pm of October 11th.

Wednesday, 30 September, 09 Pilots strikes by Meridiana, Alitalia and Eurofly. All 24 hour strikes.

Friday, 18 September, 09 Alitalia, 24 hours, SDL union. personale.
Saturday, 19, September, 09 San Gennaro (Naples, only, public holiday)

20 July, 2009 Big day for strikes in Italy, trains, planes and buses.

20 July, Italy, Alitalia 24 hour strike, times?

Monday, 15 June, 2009 Alitalia 24 hours

12 February, 09 Alitalia workers blocked road to airport which forced passengers to get out of taxi's and tourist buses and walk carrying  luggage the half mile to the airport!  Police later removed blockade.

1/18/09 Welcome to the new Alitalia.
strike press release for 1/19/2009
first 24 hour strike by flight attendants, Alitalia said it had not canceled any flights before the walkout.

Oh boy, here you go, yes we have more. Perhaps the worst history ever for Alitalia
Alitalia strikes 2008

Contact us!
Alitalia 800-223-5730 Poster child for airline strikes.
Flight attendants, pilots and baggage handlers strike frequently. Staffing issues, go slows, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record. Are they likely to go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport. Yes, choose another airline!
Heads up if you are flying with Alitalia. Alitalia only has enough money till mid March. Airline looking for government funding. Company to produce a business plan this month, February. Airline is in dire straits, don't book with them. Airline is pushing some really cheap flights if you dare and have extra room on your credit card for emergencies!
Don't stop here see who else is on strike today?

Is Milan's Malpensa 
or Linate airport  on strike?

See today's strike 

La stampa

What's your airline 
up to?

Don't hesitate to email us with any corrections

Alitalia pilots belong to these unions
filt-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Fit-CISL

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June 2014 percentage of Alitalia sold to Etihad Airline from UAE 

Alitalia subsidiary AirOne will go out of business September 2014 

Alitalia strike, 2018, Industrial Action,

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