Whose on strike today?

​We've got a couple more new labor disputes for you.
Italian air traffic control strike  21 July, 2018 Your Iberia flight will be delayed, canceled or brought forward.
Madrid Metro strikes

27 June, 2018 Not a lot has changed, Spanish travelers still on tender hooks regarding air traffic control.  

Madrid Metro strike 7 July, 2018

Italian air traffic control strike is still on.

Another French air traffic control strike, again this week-end. Devastating Spanish flights

President Trump going to UK in mid July, that will cause all kinds of air delays and traffic jams.

24 April, 2018 We have some aviation strikes you may need to know if flying with Iberia Airlines. 
Italian air traffic control will strike on Tuesday 8 May, 2018 and Barcelona air traffic control will be causing all kinds of mayhem summer 2018. First strike is planned Wednesday 20 June 2018 
follow along with us Easy Travel Report for updates

Strikes from 2017
Attention 20 December, 2017 Madrid and Barcelona airports, strikes are cancelled. Boy did you hit the lottery.

 Iberia Flights - Airport security strike Madrid.
​30 November, 2017 Your Iberia flight to or from Madrid Barajas Airport could be problematic. 
Prosegur airport security workers will strike December 22 - 8 January 2018. Despicable.
Times:-5:30am - 6:30am, 10:30am - 11:30am, 
2pm - 3pm, 7pm - 8pm. (Lunch/dinner always seems to add to wait time.
Your plan is to get to Madrid Barajas minimum 4 hours before your flight, even earlier if you have it in you! Only bring minimal or none hand luggage to get through security. No coins, no belts you know the drill.
You should know talks are on going, fingers crossed.....
Prosegur goes to court 11 December, 2017, issue over illegal strikes.

​See Easy Travel Report for who else is on strike

Spain, Spanish aviation workers decide August 16, whether or not to strike for 25 days, 24 hrs each, from Sept 15 includes Christmas 2017
Follow along for updates Easy Travel Report

August Barcelona Airport Strikes

8 July 2017 Check out front page for Spanish airport security strikes. If leaving from Spain get to the airport minimum three hours before your flight. Take minimum hand luggage and then be ready for your flight to be delayed. Stay in close contact with your airline

10 June 2017 Iberia Airline management state women flight attendants will have to have a pregnancy test before being hired. You can just imagine this news isn't going down well with the unions.

11 June 2017 Industrial actions this week in Barcelona
Taxi strikes and Metro strikes

We will also update on:-Spanish air traffic control strike 2017 if controllers have any strike action

​Madrid Metro
29 May 2017 Madrid Metro Line 5 will be closed early July till beginning of September.

To and from Madrid - Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport and Nuevos Ministerios central madrid.
Track work will start January 26, 2017. 16.5 Kilometers of track, workers will work 24 hours, 7 days a week to get work completed and opened by April 18.
Route will be covered by a bus service.

17 May 2017 You should know that Madrid Metro threaten more longer strike action in the coming weeks
follow Madrid Metro Strike
​10 May 2017 AENA announce extra staff, National Police, will be added to passport control during the summer, Madrid and Barajas Airports. You should also find 350 extra more automatic reading machines.
Schengen changes in rules and regulations co-insides with tourist season. Due to new anti-terorist measures passengers show ID at exit and entry to Schengen area.

​​Barcelona Metro Strike
Attention if you are taking Barcelona Metro too and from Barcelona El Prat Airport, workers will have 8 hours of strike action every Monday. Strikes start April 24, 2017.
Sunday May 21, 2017 Metro strike is still on for tomorrow.
More info Barcelona Metro Strike

3 April, 2017 Argentina has a general strike this week planned, follow along with us Easy Travel Report for this and other strikes that may effect your travel plans.

​Madrid taxi strike for two hours starting at 11am. Drivers will demonstrate between Plaza de Colon to Cibeles - City Hall.
Same day as 
Barcelona Taxi Strike

13 March 2017 Barcelona taxi strike, 12 hours, this Thursday, 16 March 2017. Strike to start 8am and end at 8pm. Grand march starts 10am, Arc de Triomphe then Parlament and Plaza Sant Jaume.
This is going to be bad if you are traveling to and from the airport. Somehow you know you will get caught up in it. I’d be prepared drivers likely blocking the roads to and from the airport and you may have to hoof it with your suitcase. Railway station blocked. Traffic jams.
Massive demonstrations are said to take place.

Madrid Metro Strike
Metro de Madrid
Hell for commuters, passengers will flood onto other private transportation, expect shortage of taxi’s. Plan your trip to Madrid Airport ahead.
Strike days:-
Friday 24, February, 2017 6:05 am - 8:40am and in the afternoon 1:20pm - 4:25pm and evening 5pm - 7.55pm
Monday 27 February, 2017 same strike times.
and every Friday there after same time.
Trains will be running throughout the day, 59% of service, fight for a spot.

Mobile World Congress
Update:-16 February 2017 
Barcelona El Prat Strike catering
Better bring a ham sandwich and drink.
Barcelona El Prat catering staff will strike, two 24 hour strikes, February 27 and March 2, 2017. Some 22 cafes and restaurants located turmoil 1 and 2. 

Update:-14 February Good news, Barcelona Metro workers vote not to strike for WMC- enjoy.

1 February 2017 Uber is coming to town after ban in 2014. New service will use licensed drivers, is called Uber X. 30% - 40% less than a regular taxi, 5 euro minimum fare and brings competition to Cabify. Roll out starts in Madrid. Barajas to town center 20 euros.

Mobile World Congress
January 29, 2016 Are you going to Mobile World Congress (MWC) planned for February 27 - March 2, 2017. It's that time of year again and Barcelona Metro threaten strike action again. This time Barcelona taxi drivers threaten to strike and demonstrate at the same time follow along www.easytravelreport.com

Perhaps you need to know about the British Airways strike in February and March  2017 and other travel plan fails www.easytravelreport.com
Barcelona Airport
16 January 2017 Barcelona Airport, today 10,000 taxi's causing traffic jams, delays in and around Barcelona Airport. Barcelona taxi go slow starting 11am and will last three hours.

  British Airways Strike 2017
New strike dates have been added see above link

Update:-Wednesday 4 January, 2017 British Airways cabin crew union Unite announce today new strike dates today.
48 hour strike will start Tuesday, 10 January, 2017 by “mixed fleet” cabin crew, which is only 15% of BA crews.
More details to come out this Friday the 6th. British Airways management will have a contingency plan in place for you. 
Last years strike actions
June 6, 2016 Madrid Metro strike dates for June 2016 are in for this and other strikes www.easytravelreport.com

​​​​​​​​​​​​28 May 2016 You should know French air traffic control strike is on and will/may effect your flight with Iberia if it flies over French air space.
Barcelona Metro strike and RENFE Spanish national rail strike
Renfe Strike
Union Semaf called a four day strike each 24 hours long.
June 10, 12, 14 and 16th June. Just in time for Eurocup June 10 - July 10.

Madrid Metro
21 May 2016 Madrid Metro strike from 21 May 2016 Saturday morning till Monday morning. Trains will be running, minimal disruption expected. 

Spanish Rail Strike
Leave for your airport early. Spanish national railway RENFE and ADIF workers will strike for 24 hours on Wednesday, 00.00 - 23.00 hrs, prior to Easter 23 March, 2016. Minimal service will be announced if strike goes ahead www.easytravelreport.com for updates

Madrid Airport Iberia baggage handlers strike in sympathy with Las Palmas workers

Canary Islands
Gran Canaria Airport
Gando Airport
Iberia baggage handlers at very busy Grand Canaria Airport will strike in March. Times? OneWorld member
Dates involve Easter Week-end
Saturday 12 March, Sunday 13th and Monday 14th.
Wednesday the 16th
Friday 18, Saturday 19, Sunday 20th and Monday the 21st 
Wednesday the 23rd
Easter 26, 27 and 28 Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Strikes from 2015 
Heads up Monday September 14, 2015
air traffic controllers will announce possible strike action Spanish air traffic control strikes

Update:-3 August 2015 Spanish controllers state they will not strike in August, but September likely to be a different story.

Spanish air traffic controllers will strike.
Update:-20 July 2015 You should know ATC strike 
is still on for the week-end.

29 June 2015 New Spanish air traffic control dates are in. Local times.
Saturday 11 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 12 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Saturday 25 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 26 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Plus baggage strike, plus taxi strike follow 

Old strikes for 2015
Announced today, Wednesday 27 May, 2015 Spanish air traffic controllers will strike.
Union of Air Traffic Controllers (USCA)
Times 10 am - Noon and 6 - 8 pm (local times)
Monday 8 June 2014 
Wednesday 10 June 2014
Friday 12 June and Sunday 14 June.
Strike is over the punishment of 61 controllers who went on strike in 2010.
(This union's last strike was 26 years ago, represent 90% of controllers) Iberia Airlines likely to take the brunt of things . Keep in touch at Easy Travel Reports front page. 
Also today, Brussels airport air traffic control glitch today, things slowly getting back to normal.
Spanish baggage handlers strikes
Update:-27 May 2015These baggage handler strikes have caused minimal disruptions - if any

Iberia flights will be up the creek again due 6 future Groundforce baggage handlers strike in May.
Barcelona El Prat
Barcelona El Prat International Airport
 Baggage Handlers Strike
11 May, 2015 GroundForce baggage handlers will strike:-
Thursday and Friday May 14 and 15
Thursday and Friday May 21 and 22
Thursday and Friday May 28 and 29
Groundforce customers in El Prat Air Europa, Alitalia, Qatar Airways, Aeroflot,
Aer Lingus and United Airlines. 

They also bring the ramps to airline companies Vueling, Iberia, Air Nostrum, KLM, Air France, El Al, British Airways and Aerolineas Argentinas.
Barcelona El Prat Airport

Old strikes for 2015
Iberia flights to, from and over French air space will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to French air traffic controllers strike April and May 2015
Strikes for 2014
24 July 2014 Another 1581 workers to be let go.
10 June 2014 Barcelona and Madrid, taxi strike will start tomorrow in sympathy with London black cabs strike. As with taxi drivers in Paris and Marseille, France. Strike will start early, 6am. French drivers will block roads to airports and train stations. We presume (Ass-sume!) that Spanish drivers will do the same. It will be hot, you might have to drag your luggage. Elderly and small children will suffer. Do check our front page Easy Travel Report as several other air strikes are being planned for June.
14 February 2014 Iberian pilots union SEPLA make deal with management. Wage freeze, cut by 14% (which is already in effect) till 2015. Further 4% cut of salary has been dropped. Deal still has to be signed off with union members.
Deals between ground staff and cabin crew still to be made. Airline must get it's act together before the World Cup.

28 January 2014 Chances are your Iberia flight will be delayed, brought forward or cancelled this week. Pan European air traffic control strike. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report 

Last years industrial actions 2013
Swissport baggage handlers striking this month follow along with us on our Airport Strike page.       Spain -
(reminder Easyjet has new baggage restrictions)
Remember if flying into another Spanish airport you could be hit again. Stay in close contact with your airline.

Madrid Barajas baggage handlers strike
July 2, 2013 Swissport back at it again for July.
Friday, July 5 8:30-11:30 and 6-9PM.
Sunday, July 7 same hrs.
Monday, July 8 same hrs follow

Lanzarote Strike (see dates) Canaries - baggage handlers strike different days.

Barcelona El Prat July 8 and 15th 8am to midnight Barcelona El Prat Strikes

Alicante July 6, 9 and 13th 2PM - 6PM Alicante Strikes

Malaga July 6, 7, 13 and 14, 9am to noon and then from 6PM to 8PM
Malaga Strikes

Jerez July 5th and July 12th strike to last 24 hours. Are Swissport the only handlers at this airport?
Jerez Strikes

Almeria July 4 and July 11th for 24 hours 00.00 - 23:59. Follow Almeria strike

Fuerteventura July 8 and 15 00.00 to 23:59. Fuerteventura strike

Valencia July 4, 9 and 11, 2013 1PM to 5PM Valencia Strike

Iberia Airline Strike
June 27, 2013 Pilots issues still not over. Pilots threaten strike action for this summer. Nothing set.
31 May 2013 Next month if you have a lay-over in Madrid Barajas airport be prepared bring a protein bar Cafeteria strikes

May 12, 2013 Heads up subsidiary Air Nostrum in the news. Told by management to accept new contract terms by next weeks end. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report Air Nostrum
March 27 Iberia chief executive Rafael Sanchez-Lozano quits - mutual.

Iberia baggage handlers strike has been cancelled.

Thursday, 14 March. Easter Iberia baggage handlers Didn't take long did it. Strike planned for March 25, 26 and 27. Flying to Madrid? Madrid Metro strike strike times are in
Wednesday 13 March today's the big day. In short your good to go but your luggage might have a problem.
Agreed unions CC.OO (pen pushers) and UGT, ASETMA (flight engineers) Some cabin crew unions SITCHPLA and CTA.
Not agreed 
Pilots have agreed to drop strike action March 18-22. Pilot issues are not out of the woods. Pilots need another 15 days to consult with all SEPLA pilots union members. (Brings issue to March 28 ish) 
Not agreed
Cabin crew union STAVLA.
CGT workers.
Baggage handlers unions CNT and CESA still call for a strike over Easter. 
From Eldiario
Dozens of workers back demonstrating today. Union CTA-Earth also reject deal (forgive us, we don't know what they do) 
We will try and find out just what the always allusive baggage handlers are up to. If you know email us.

11 March Update:-Meeting between all parties postponed till high noon Wednesday. This will give union time to mull over new IAG offer. Union members will vote online. So far pilots union has not agreed to a deal. CC.OO is the only union to accept the deal.   
11 March meeting to take place today.

10 March, Well, well IAG will lesson the number of lay offs, take mediators advice. IAG state it's in unions hands.

8 March Some 1,300 Iberia workers showed up at Madrid's T4 today europress  meeting between all parties to take place Monday. If meeting doesn't go well or to unions liking, union threaten indefinite strike. Time to start doing research on different airlines for your airline route. Keep all receipts. Make sure you've got room on your credit card for unexpected expenses. They will offer you another airline but dates and times may not be for your liking.

7 March Thursday, less police presence in T4 Madrid Airport today. 263 flight cancellations. Mediator gives his plan to management and unions. Passengers showing up at airport not knowing flights were cancelled and workers plan a march on Friday. No giving or taking.
Comment from a viewer some might find useful
February 26 Iberia has flight cancellation lists up. March 4 5 6 7 8
Monday to Friday February 18 - 22
Monday to Friday March 4 - 8
(added to the mix March 5, French air traffic control strike)
Monday to Friday again March 18 - 22
Unions threaten to extend strike to Easter
(No strikes planned for Easter Sunday March 31)

Madrid metro strike - March - only for three hours while Olympic Committee is in town, but it could mess up your plans to the airport.
February 25 British cabin crew, 600 BASSA union members from British Airways will travel to Madrid to join Iberia workers demonstrations on March 4. British Airways have called for 400 voluntary cabin crew redundancies beginning March 2013. More demonstrations planned Sunday, March 6 at IAG headquarters London.

Willie Walsh gives up his yearly bonus.

February 23 One strike for Willy Walsh - 0 for Unions this week. 1,200 flights cancelled, millions of Euros lost. Unions complain they were not noisy enough this week and plan to do better in March to "Move the will of IAG". 70,000 passengers effected, 60,000 moved to different flights or airline, some 10,000 had money back. Minimum service worked out nicely, as well as could be expected for the islands. 
We had very few complaints about Spanish baggage handlers this week. Perhaps this will heat up in March along with pilots.
Flights Air Nostrum Nice Airport strikes

February 21 Again 250 odd flights cancelled today. At a meeting today both parties agreed to having a mediator. Any decisions by the mediator will not be binding. Union will go on with future strike dates.
February 20 Wednesday Meeting lasted 15 minutes today and was fruitless.
Tuesday, February 19 A meeting between Iberia management and unions will take place tomorrow. (don't get your hopes up) Police presence in Madrid Airport.
February 18 Madrid Airport terminal 4, passengers asked to show tickets before entering terminal after police fail to keep some 6,000 Iberia employees from crashing the terminal.
Update:-February 14 Iberia website has cancellations up. 18 19 20 21 22

Update:-February 13 Iberia pilots will join strike March 4. (320 pilots to be let go) Spanish government rep Ana Pastor putting on a good show working hard to get all parties to work together. 
Update:-February 11 If you purchased your Iberia ticket from a travel agent, make changes with them. If you purchased ticket from Iberia direct call 
902 400 500 or 902 100 488
Here's Iberia notice
Update:- February 6 Strike dates are in.
15 strike days, by ground staff and flight attendants. 23% of workforce to be let go.
Monday to Friday February 18 - 22
Monday to Friday March 4 - 8
Monday to Friday again March 18 - 22
(No strikes planned for Easter (yet) Sunday March 31)
Call 900 100 480, print boarding pass before getting to airport. Unions have met their match with, strike buster - Willy Walsh.
February 2 Announced today. Iberia Airline workers will strike for 5 consecutive days, each lasting 24 hours. Keep in close contact with Iberia Airline, make sure all your contact information is up todate. You will be given several choices, money back, put on alternative airline or change your date. British Airways will pick up a lot of the slack. Subsidiaries Vueling,  and Iberia Express we wonder how they will react. Competing airlines are upping prices as we speak (no proof of course). Airline seats will be hard to come by. By law a minimal service has to take place, particularly important for the islands. Follow along with us on Iberia Strike

January 31 No deals made by the deadline today for unions representing flight attendants. Pilots meet later today. Strikes are being planned. This is going to be a long drawn out bitter dispute likely to go on all summer.
January 23 Meeting took place Monday, no progress made between SEPLA pilot union and management. 
Last day to make deal is January 31. Cleaners from Madrid Airport begin indefinite strike Thursday January 24 terminals 1,2 and 3. (Bring toilet seat covers!!)
January 10, 2013 Update today:-Some 20,000 Iberia union workers will offer a proposal to management tomorrow. 
January 3, 2012 Pilots union has signed an agreement that they will be in talks till January 31. (Pilots union is in negotiations with Spanish government which only owns 12% of the company, go figure..
Pilots and management to meet January 2 at 5 PM. 
December 10, 2012 Great news. Unions cancel strike!! You pass go! Union will not hold passengers hostage after all. More talks to be held January. 
November 30, 2012 Heats on. Slap in the face to Sepla (Iberia pilots union) British Airways (British government) is suing them for loss of earnings over the strike last year. Sends warnings to other unions to get with the program.  Sepla is not a wealthy union unlike the English union Unite which might be able to with stand a law suit) Threat of lawsuit stopped Aer Lingus unions from striking this year and Lufthansa workers. Remember Spanish air traffic controller strike couple of summers back? Some workers even ended up in jail and they also went back to work because of a law suit threat. 
PS Make sure you have room on your credit card for additional expenses. 
Meeting of all parties took place December 7, unfortunately strike is still on. Another meeting is to take place Monday December 10.
November 29 Dates are in.
December 14 Friday
December 17 Monday
December 18 Tuesday
December 19 Wednesday
December 20 Thursday
December  21 Friday .
Main unions involved UGT and CCOO. Baggage handlers, aircraft maintenance and  cabin crews. Canary Islands minimal service to Madrid will be guaranteed. 
We will be updating looking for times and how it will effect Vueling, Air Nostrum, British Airways and IberiaExpress.

P.S New airline company Hispania Airways   
Update:-November 27 Pilots can not join in strike as they are in the process, arbitration, over new Iberia low cost airline Iberia Express dispute. This new strike involves flight attendants and ground representatives.

27 November 2012 This is what is going on.
6 strikes to come between the dates December 14 - 21. More meetings to take place tomorrow and final official announcement to be made on Thursday. Union doesn't rule out strikes in January. Pilots and flight attendants will strike. Today pilots union SEPLA has other ideas and state they will not strike. (Which makes us speculate/ass-sume, that the pilots will call other strike dates. Yes cynical is our middle name)
Heads up, when Lufthansa went on strike recently hotel rooms and rental cars became scarce across Europe, along with train tickets. Car rental prices went up along with competing air fares. Book  hotel room at your airport for just incase, both ways if necessary. You can always cancel it when boarding. Make sure you have a Spanish visa if you are changing flights in Spain. (You don't want to be caught in International arrivals sleeping on a fold out cot with a 100 other people snoring coughing, catching TB or Monkey virus where blood oozes out every crevice of your body) this way you can stay in a Spanish hotel room. 
Way toooo early for all this speculation. 
November 15 Iberia back in the news today, employees reject management restructuring plan which includes laying off 4,500 workers. No strikes, planned yet. Unions have time to get organized for a Christmas and New year strike. Choose another airline.

14 November Pan European Strike effecting, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese air space.  Here's a list of Iberia Airlines cancellations so far. Sepla, Iberia pilots union urging management to cancel contract with British Airways. Flights going today aena
European Day of Strike Action

21 August 2012 Iberia suspends twice weekly flights to Barcelona -Sao Paulo- Guarulhos Brazil, fly from Madrid instead.
7 August 2012 We had a question today, that through us through a loop.  How often Iberia airlines on strike? What would you say?
Barcelona strike has been cancelled.
12 June 2012 Iberia Airline workers from Barcelona El Prat International airport will strike in July and August follow along here Barcelona airport strike   

Also see perfect storm brewing for April 2012:- TAP strikes Portuguese ATC strike EasyJet strikes SATA STRIKES

Iberia employees sentenced to prison for runway protest monster and critics    

Number to call 902100988 for help. 

24 June 2012 Union buster Willy Walsh opens old wounds this week. Foot in mouth Guardian
Aritrator rules that Iberia is entitled to launch it's low cost airline Iberia Express, but have to include all pilots in the same overall pay scale even if working conditions in the two parts of the company were different. 

Old Stuff
Iberia Airline Strike
27 April Good news today, Spanish government has agreed to bring in a mediator. Flights that were canceled 4 and 7 May are good to go. Unfortunately flights before then could not be turned around due time constraints ie attendants and pilots schedules. Issues are not resolved, plenty of other competing airlines to choose from LAN, TAP (although TAP questionable service right now)BA...

17 April Announced today, rubbing salt into the wound Iberia pilots to get 20% pay cut.
Iberia pilots union SEPLA announce 30 Days of strike. Every Monday and Friday starting Easter Monday 
9 April to 20 July in protest about the new subsidiary Iberia Express.

List of Iberia flights cancelled on the 9  13 16 20 and 23 27 30  April 
Now we have threats of strike at Madrid airport:-
Workers in the Madrid-Barajas airport and Torrejon Air Base
May strike today (16 March) and
Monday 19 March
Thursday 5 April (in time for Easter Holidays)
Easter Sunday 8 April
Monday 30 April
Wednesday 2
Thursday 3 May

Iberia Airline strike has been cancelled!
Pilots have agreed to talks with a 
mediatior.  Issue not over yet.
Airline will be effected by Spanish 
general strike 29 March.
Looking good for Easter holidays.

More dates Don't be the last one to change your flight.
Friday 16 March (list of flights cancelled 16 and 19)
Monday 19 March (regional holiday in Madrid)
Friday 23 March
Sunday 25 March (This is the big day for Iberia to launch Iberia Express. Every majour airline is watching this launch looking to do the same thing. Lower wages to new crews and less retirement benefits)
Monday 26 March
(24 hour general strike in Spain 29 March)
Friday 30 March
Now we go onto Easter week (Easter Friday the 6th)
Monday 2 April
Wednesday 4 April
Easter Monday 9 April
Friday 13 April
Monday 16 April
Friday 20 April
Monday 23 April
Friday 27 April
Monday 30 April

On to May if know one gives
(May 1 labour day, public holiday)
Wednesday 2 May 
Friday 4 May
Monday 7 May
Friday 11 May
Monday 14 May
Friday 18 May
Monday 21 May
Friday 25 May
Monday 28 May

Back at it for February.
New Iberia Airline strike dates announced.
Monday 13 February list of  Iberia flights cancelled
Friday 17 February  list of Iberia flights cancelled 
Monday 20 February  list of flights cancelled 
Friday 24 February  list of flights cancelled
Wednesday 29 February Another 130 flights cancelled list of flights cancelled 
Meetings planned Monday 27 and Wednesday 29

27 January Thousands of passengers at Iberia Airlines caught up in the pilots strike again.

20 January 2012 Iberia Airline 16,000 ground staff have made a deal with management. One less threat. They had threatened to strike every Monday and Friday in February. Management guarantees employment till 2014 perhaps even till 2015. 

13 January Iberia pilots announce 3 more strikes.
Here's the list of Iberia cancellations/delays
Wednesday 25 January
Friday 27 January
Monday 30 January
Cabin crews threaten to join in evry Monday and Friday, 24 hour strikes, in February, not confirmed yet.

12 January 2012 Lots of speculation in the news today. Main speculation is that cabin crews will strike every Monday and Friday in February. Two meetings with cabin crew to take place, 17 and 20 January. Pilot union will meet with management on Friday, tomorrow.

11 January Today's strike over, flights getting back to normal, protests planned for Friday.
9 January Update:-Double whammy if flying with Iberia to Nigeria today. Look on the bright side 20% of flights left today.

Yes two new Iberia strike dates. What Iberia has to say.
Monday 9 January 2012 list of cancelled flights and
Wednesday 11 January 2012 cancelled flights
31 Dec:- Yes two new Iberia strike dates. Here's what Iberia has to say.
Monday 9 January 2012 list of cancelled flights and
Wednesday 11 January 2012 cancelled flights
Update from Reuters today 29 Dec. Total 118 flights cancelled. Issues not resolved pilots will be striking again in 2012. No dates set yet.
Iberia airline strike is still on for 
Thursday, 29 December. Will not effect Air Nostrum or Vueling. List of flights cancelled.   90% of passengers have been redirected. You may not think so, but as strikes go, this is a fantastic figure. No passengers sleeping at the airport, no long lines, no turning up at the airport and being disappointed. This is the direct influence of British Airway's experience with industrial action rubbing off on Iberia and social media. Spanish airline unions can't help but feel threatened. 
19 December Yesterday 91 flights cancelled mainly domestic.
13 December 2011 Bit more info for you at 

Number to call 902100988 routes all effected for the 18 Dec. New York, Miami, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.  hosteltur.com
Here's a list of cancelled flights megustavolar.iberia.com

Update:-Iberia pilot strike dates
Sunday 18 December, 2011 and
Thursday 29 December, 2011 Call them now, be one of the first to change your flight. Iberia state A contingency plan will be put in service and that pilots are replaceable.  Some 30 transport companies have been hired to help counter act this strike.
A certain number of flights have to fly by law. 
12 December 100% of the flights to the islands and Ceuta and Melilla and two overseas will fly 

11 December 11 Bit more information for you. 12 December 100% of the flights to the islands Ceuta and Melilla and two overseas will fly 

7 December Iberia pilot strike dates are in today.
Sunday 18 December, 2011 
Thursday 29 December, 2011
Strikes over new low cost airline Iberia Express which will start in April 2012.
29 November 2011 Iberia pilots threaten strike for December, no dates set just yet.
7 October 2011 Iberia Airlines announced new subsidiary "Iberia Express" to come into service next summer. Iberian pilots state it's illegal and threaten strike. Get ready for a nasty long drawn out show down.

10 August 2011 Your heading to trouble if using this airline this month. Two forty eight hour baggage handlers to strike Thursday/Friday 18, 19 August and Friday/Saturday 26,27 August. We have "faith" that this strike will be cancelled. Pope coming into Madrid, million and half pilgrims expected for world youth day. 16-21 August. (Well fingers crossed) We will keep you updated either on this page or our front page. If you have any information pass it on to us at contact@easytravelreport.com 

16 June Pilots union meet with management Thursday 30 June.
8 June Iberia and management will meet tomorrow europapress.es

Iberia Airlines have out sourced 10% of flights to Iberia subsidiary Air Nostrum Not sitting well with Iberia pilots. Pilots have no intention of striking. We say choose another airline, run away as fast as you can.

3 June 2011Heads up. Delays out of Madrid by bad weather or lack of staff or  is it? Most delays out of terminal four by Iberia reported by our favorite website avionews.com  

First Spanish air traffic controller from 2010 industrial action charged.

27 May 2011 Spanish pilots union SELPA
Negotiations with management start this week 

14 Feb 2011 Iberia pilots on a go slow ie turning back from runway, faucets leaking, flight delays... Only out of Madrid International Airport. Pilots upset about out sourcing to Vueling and Air Nostrum.

7 Nov. 2010  We have two strike dates to report. Take your pick.

Here we go again, now how strange, it's the same date as last year.  What gives?

Old stuff:-
Two strikes planned for September. Don't get caught 

8/8/2010 Spanish air traffic controllers will decide on Thursday whether to strike or not. September Spain is calling for a general strike. Follow along on our front page.

8 June, 2010 Never happened, but a civil servants strike, today did, minimal disruptions.  Country waiting news on austerity measures which are to be announced this week.

June 13, May, 2010 The main Spanish trade union, Comisiones Obreras, General Union of Workers (UGT)  will launch a general strike of public employees. Wednesday, 2, June, 2010. Protests are planned 5/20. Heads up, UGT members include Spanish airport operators, air traffic controllers, firemen, maintenance technicians and administration. Spain has 47 airports. Still early yet, things change. We keep you informed. Do check our front page for up dates.

British Airways and Iberia missed their March 31, 2010 deadline to sign a definitive agreement to merge and have said they are close to completing the terms.

Iberia Airlines on strike,  Departures from Madrid and Barcelona, New York, Sao Paolo 30,  November and December, 2009

20, Nov. 09 Spanish airline Iberia called off planned strike 30 November to 2 December, and 14 December to 18 December. 
Cabin crew agreed to a average 4% pay rise

Iberia agreed to a merger deal with British Airways last week by the end of 2010. It would create the world's third largest airline.

The company made a loss of 165.4m euros ($245.4m; £148.9m) in the first half of the year.

11, November, 09 Still more flight cancellations, Iberia airlines strike will continue till Wednesday.

10, November, 09  Iberia code series flights IB5000, IB8000 and IB7000, operated by Vueling, Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum and other airlines using Iberia codes, will not be affected. Flights to, from the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and long hauls all operating as normal. 

25, October, 09  Iberia airlines cancelled 440 flights. 26,27 October and 10,11, November, 09. Two day strike by cabin crews in support of wage demands and the end of the four year pay freeze! Pilots have had a pay raise. Starting midnight Sunday. Effecting domestic, European and trans Atlantic flights, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Sao Paolo. Passengers will get refund.16 flights scheduled to depart from Bilbaos Loiu airport were cancelled.

7/29/09  Looking to merge with American Airlines and British Airways this October.

6/17/09 Iberia airlines worst airline for losing luggage telegraph.co.uk

12/26/08 Increase in delays and cancellations
Iberia Airlines took disciplinary action over 14 pilots who they believe were responsible for upheaval of flights in the last few weeks. Domestic flights and European flights have been subject to wildcat strikes by technical staff and pilots.  Pilots suggesting it has to do with a shortage of 300 pilots.

12/24/08 Negotiating merger with British Airways.

8/14/08  BA, Iberia airlines and AA strike alliance. 

July 30,08 BA-Iberia merger would create biggest 
airline in Europe.

07/16/2008 PRICED OUT BY OIL
Cheap Airlines Are Losing Altitude
By Dinah Deckstein, Spiegelonlineinternational

Iberia MADRID June 27 2008 Spanish airline Iberia will put the brakes on a planned fleet expansion due to higher fuel prices.

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Iberia Airlines, is this airline worth your hard earned cash? Are they going to strike in the near future? Will they still be in business in three months? Will I be left stranded at the airport? Is this airline reliable? Financially how do they stand? These are the questions travelers ask us. Iberia merged with British Airways.
Main hubs are Madrid-Barajas Airport and Barcelona El Prat Airport. 
Subsidiary Air Nostrum. Iberia owns 45% of Vueling Airlines 
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Finnair flights can get delayed if ever Iberia workers strike.

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