Lovelorn pilot arrested for buzzing neighborhood

10/20/09  Another lurid post.  This time it's a Goodyear blimp pilot, Brick Peters, arrested for using a super zoom in video camer

5/12/09 LOS ANGELES—A helicopter pilot who was videotaped receiving oral sex from a woman as he flew her around San Diego acted so recklessly that his license must be revoked, the National Transportation Safety Board said.

The actions of David Martz were so dangerous, the NTSB concluded in a written ruling, that they put the lives of everyone on his aircraft and on the ground below him in danger.

The agency's ruling, reached last week in Washington, D.C., was released Tuesday and upholds previous actions revoking Martz's pilot's license by the Federal Aviation Administration and an administrative law judge.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said Tuesday that Martz can appeal the NTSB decision in federal court or he can wait and apply to have his license reinstated in one year. Martz's attorney did not immediately return a call for comment. A call to Martz rang unanswered.

The incident that cost the pilot his license occurred on May 29, 2005, but action wasn't taken until earlier this year after the video surfaced on the Internet.

In rejecting his appeal, the NTSB said both Martz and the woman unfastened their safety restraints during the flight and that her body blocked his access to controls vital to operating the aircraft in an emergency.

"During substantial portions of the flight in question, it appears to this board that the flight was but a single misstep from disaster," the agency concluded.

During his appeal before administrative law Judge William R. Mullins last month, Martz, 52, acknowledged he acted foolishly, but said he has become a much more responsible pilot since then By JOHN ROGERS Associated Press Writer

Although his license was previously suspended twice and revoked once, Martz had stayed out of trouble since 2005

11/17/08 Crew forcibly removed pilot over Atlantic after breakdown
This just out, happened last January on an Air Canada flight.
AHHHH.Air Canada Boeing 767 drama Crew forcibly removed pilot over Atlantic after breakdown The co-pilot had been rambling on and was in danger of causing danger at the flight controls. The Commander then directed the Incharge Flight Attendant to ‘secure the First Officer away from the flight controls, then with the help of other crew members, remove him from the cockpit. please read story at
or this version

10/1/08  Pilot charged with PI, mooning Alcoa Highway motorists

8/22/08 A British Airways cabin crew steward has resigned following allegations that he used cocaine and cannabis at a party

8/20/08 An American pilot has been sacked after being found drunk an hour before he was to fly a Kingfisher plane with 140 on board from Calcutta to Delhi

26 April 03 Southwest Airlines has fired two pilots for allegedly turning their cockpit into a c26 April 03 lothing-optional playpen.archives

8/8/08 COLOMBO: Sri Lankan police on Sunday detained a German man on suspicion that he used false documents to secure a job as a top pilot for Sri Lanka’s national carrier, a spokesman said

The incident occurred on Saturday at 6 am. A team of Jetlite doctors had conducted a breath analyser test on the pilot and found that he had a high quantity of alcohol in his blood. Jetlite officials remained tight-lipped about the extent of the content. “We have suspended the pilot for a month,” said a senior official of the company. Despite several attempts, the Jetlite spokesperson could not be contacted for comment.  

6/19/08 United Airlines canceled a flight from Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon after the pilot announced to passengers that he was too upset to fly, according to one passenger on board. The pilot, who may have been involved in a labor-related dispute with colleagues, said that he didn't feel he could fly safely, said Paul Jacobson, an energy company executive who was aboard United Flight 416 to Denver. United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said in an e-mailed statement that the flight was canceled according to company procedures designed to ensure flight crews are prepared to fly."

6/20/08 Pilot Arrested For Drinking On Job. Stephen Ray Lynn, 51 of Mena, Arkansas was charged with operation of or acting as a crew member of civil aircraft while using or under the influence of alcohol or other substance.  

6/13/08 RUSK, Texas  Sheriff: Pilot arrested on charges of transporting pot, A pilot tailed from Albuquerque by airborne federal agents and arrested during a refueling stop was jailed Friday on nearly $2 million bond in a drug investigation. Rodney K. Dotson of Stateline, Nev., was arraigned

Update on this couple 6/11/08 
A flight attendant from Michigan and an airline pilot face fines of $300 apiece after a nighttime romp in the woods that ended when police found the pilot hiding behind a shed wearing only flip-flops and a wristwatch. Jeffrey Bradford and Adrianna Connor, both 24, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges in Dauphin County Court on Monday. Both declined comment after leaving the courthouse, but Connor's attorney said he was pleased to have the case resolved.
"We think it was an appropriate result and are grateful it was done in a timely manner without more invasion into their private lives," attorney J. Michael Sheldon said. "On a public service note, this is what alcohol can do." Disorderly conduct is a summary offense that carries a $300 fine. Bradford, of Pittsburgh, and Connor, of Belleville, Mich., both are employees of Pinnacle Airlines Inc. They were at a suburban Harrisburg diner May 28 before they apparently decided to walk into the woods and have sex, police said. Neighbors called police, saying they had seen a naked man and an intoxicated woman. A helicopter with heat-seeking equipment was called in, and Bradford later was discovered hiding behind a shed wearing only flip-flops and a wristwatch. Prosecutors withdrew other charges against Bradford and Connor, saying they lacked sufficient evidence. Those charges included indecent exposure and lewdness against Bradford, theft from a motor vehicle against Connor, and public drunkenness, loitering and prowling at night against both of them. (WOW) "I don't think it was anyone's intention to commit a crime here," said Dauphin County prosecutor Michael L. Rozman. Bradford and Connor remain suspended from the Memphis, Tenn.-based airline, spokesman Joe Williams said. This came from

10 June 08 An Air Central pilot allowed two flight attendants to sit in the copilot’s seat and handle control during a flight. 

5/22/08  Drunk, Naked Pilot Arrested After Police Search.  (This is the best one this year so far)
He was found hiding behind a shed wearing only flip-flops and a wrist watch. That naked, and reportedly intoxicated man was 24 year-old Jeffrey Bradford of Moon Twp, Allegheny County, a pilot for Pinnacle Airlines. Police say Bradford and a flight attendant, 24 year-old Adrianna Connor of Belleville, Michigan, were drinking at a bar near the Best Western on Eisenhower Boulevard. According to court documents, the two stopped in the woods on their way back to the hotel to fool around. But somehow they got separated. That's when Connor broke into a vehicle in the 100 block of Richardson Road. That vehicle was a marked Lower Swatara Fire Department SUV belonging to Chief Robert Furlong. Furlong heard Connor yelling in the woods and called police. Connor told authorities she broke into the car to get a flashlight to search for Bradford. Bradford and Connor were arrested and released on bail. Pinnacle Airlines flies regional jets for Northwest Airlink and Delta Connection. Bradford and Connor were scheduled to work a 7:30am Northwest Airlink flight out of Harrisburg. A spokesperson says another crew was called in to work, and that flight left an hour and 20 minutes late. Joe Williams, Director of Corporate Communications for Pinnacle Airlines, released this statement: "We're conducting an internal investigation and will take appropriate action. The pilot and flight attendant have been removed from flight status, pending the outcome of that investigation. They were not on duty at the time, and never close to a plane."

5/15/08  SANTA MARIA, Calif. (AP) - A pilot was arrested for alleged drunken flying after the troublesome landing of his single-engine airplane at Santa Maria Airport. The pilot made a nose-down landing that collapsed the nose gear on the Cessna aircraft Wednesday evening. Santa Barbara County fire Capt. Eli Iskow says the nose hit the tarmac and firefighters were called at 6:25 p.m. Pilot Gregory Anderson wasn't hurt, but the 57-year-old Santa Maria man showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol and he was arrested.

5/14/08Pilot Arrested After Police Find Marijuana On His Plane.  35 bags of drugs were found on the plane -- which holds a street value of approximately $70,000. 

5/7/08  "Pilot show off"  in big trouble  Air France jet became rocking and rolling soon after teenager allowed in the cabin. per passengers  metro.couk

5/2/08  Pilot let out of mental home and allowed to continue trip after landing at President Bushes ranch BBC

4/25/08  Pilots missing laptop causes choas country wide, 17 airports were forced to make emergency changes to access codes at Dulles, Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago's O'Hare and San Antonio. 

4/3/08  Zimbabwe pilot acquitted, guy looks happy

4/1/08  Vietnamese pilot is facing charges of laundering $3.7 million for a drug syndicate he allegedly met through a fellow pilot, now jailed for similar offences

3/27/08   Update on Jo'burg pilot, fraud due to hotel booking!  The Johannesburg pilot arrested in Zimbabwe was expected to appear in a Harare court on Thursday on a charge of fraud relating to a hotel booking, said Roy Bennett, treasurer general of the Movement for Democratic Change.The MDC had hired the pilot to fly its president Morgan Tsvangirai to election rallies. Bennett said that according to the lawyers representing him, Brent Smyth was arrested on Tuesday because, as a foreigner he should have paid his hotel bill in foreign exchange. Instead, it had been paid by the MDC member who had made the booking on his behalf, in Zimbabwean dollars.
Bennett said he understood that the MDC member who made the booking was being sought by police to be charged for violating exchange control regulations.

3/22/08 Negligent pilot sentenced to community service aopa 

Guarda pilot arrested per Reuters

Pilot pinned down after 'invoking' God on flight per

Pilot caught stealing Egyptian artifacts msnbc  

October 24, 2006 Japan, FUKUOKA — A pilot for Thai Airways International was arrested on Monday for peeping up a woman's skirt using a mirror at a mall in Fukuoka.
Police said the 36-year-old Thai pilot had a mirror hidden on top of a shopping basket and approached a 19-year-old woman from behind. The man has admitted the charge, police said.

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