Travel agents,
2016 Looks like being another disrupted year for your clients. 
We are looking for reliable, knowledgeable, established local travel agent in your country, who can deal with:-

1. Feed our constant need for transport disruptions questions/information. Nothing like local eyes and ears on the ground. We want your opinions, suggestions, advice, alternative transportation and local paper articles.

2. Incoming emails and phone calls ringing of the hook from travelers needing guidance during an industrial dispute. 
ie:-Booking them on another airline, hired car, coach, ferry, train or even private plane. We know you've got connections and can get things done unlike a faceless Travelocity, Priceline etc.

3. If you've got what it takes, we'd like to promote your business in return. Get your webmaster to send us a banner, make a short page mentioning/linking to us. Put on this page your email, phone numbers, hours of business and anything else you think will be useful to our viewers. No website or webmaster is a conglomerate or just way to expensive no worries we can still work with you by making a page with your information.  The information you send us will be posted ASAP and with any updates by you. 

We have a real need for contacts in London, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Paris, Ireland, Italy, Rome, Milan, Greece, Athens and all Greek Isles. Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Barcelona, Madrid, Belgium, Israel, South Africa and Australia. Yes, even you that I missed!

Thank you for your support. Hope to hear from you soon.
Penny Ciocchi

You can find me at either 

Remember time zone changes. 
We are based in Springfield, Vermont USA

Why stop here? We also need but understand the sensitivity of things. Unions, airport and airline employees. Bus, train, taxi, and limo drivers.

Contact us!
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