A 51-year-old intoxicated woman drove through a fence and onto an airport runway, authorities said.  2.tbo.com

The operations on the secondary runway were stopped for over an hour Monday when a pilot spotted some monitor lizards straying onto it. Only the main runway was used, as a result of which some 20-25 flights were delayed, officials said. thaindian.com

5/22/08  Guy Found Walking on Runway at DFW Airport,  yeahsure,  friedman.com

5/6/08  Blackpool, Drunken runway teens in plane scare metro.co.uk

From Associated Press April 26, 2008 8:30 AM EDT
MIAMI - Authorities are questioning a 73-year-old driver who sped through a security gate at Miami International Airport and ended up on one of the main runways.
The man has not been identified. Police say he may have been disoriented when he drove passed security Friday morning. He was quickly detained by police.
Airport spokesman Greg Chin says no flights or landings were delayed. Although the runway was closed for a short time, he says the airport's other three runways were not affected.

3/31/08  Man crashes through airport fence into car park and can't find way out, police find hidden stash  timesunion

3/29/08  Kingfisher airliner, hits dog on runway.  per bloomberg

3/13/08 A major security alert is under way at Heathrow airport after a man with a rucksack scaled the perimeter fence and ran into the path of an aircraft.  per BBC

Indonesian jet hits cow.  Question on whether cow is alive still.  per smh.com

Unbelievable.  5 joy riders dead. Police say the car was going so fast it became airborne for about 60m before hitting a tree and splitting in half, ejecting three passengers and partially ejecting the other two.per newsnine.msn 1/29/08

Alleged drunk driver arrested on airport runway,drove her car onto the Grand Junction Regional Airport runway.  Police say she drove off the side of the Interstate 70, went through a barbed-wire fence and then continued onto the runway.  per kjct8.com
Air traffic was haulted at the airport, after local dispatch received a call that a white SUV was driving on a runway near gate 17.

Rome airport reopens after man found on runway.  Carrying 2 bags and walking on the runway.  They closed the airport, blew up his bags and opened the airport the following day at 7:40am late.  Airport had to be swept and flights were canceled.  per USA Today.1/19/08

Indonesia, Jakata: Piece of Jet Found on Indonesia Runway.  Piece of wing (10 foot!) found.  Airline investigators trying to determine from where it came!  Last month, a similar-sized piece of wing fell from a jetliner minutes after it took off from the same airport.  Now what airport is this again? Sukarno-Hatta international airport.   per ABC news 12/05/08

Found on runway!
Interesting site . Missingaircrew.com

Canada, Vancouver airport  become the world's first airport to install special radar in an effort to keep dangerous debris off its runways. British made system, will improve passenger safety.  Runway debris is an everyday concern that annually costs the airline industry an estimated $2.5 billion in aircraft repairs, flight delays and airport maintenance. read full article USAToday.com

per ufocasebook.com   Strange circular marks found on runway grass
Found On Plane
4/12/07 Man found dead in airplane bathroom, found by cleaning crew.  per msnbc
1/30/07 Man found dead under plane per telegraph
Snakes found on plane.  One TON!  The illegal cargo - on board a Thai Air flight from Bangkok - was hidden inside 60 ice boxes marked "fresh fish". non-venomous rat snakes  1/18/08  per Telegraph
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