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Dublin International Airport is Ireland's largest and busiest airport, 60,000 passengers daily. Mostly international. That's a lot of passengers to inconvenience due to industrial unrest!
Situated 10 kilometers north  of Dublin City. If union calls for strike action, passengers and airline must be given 10 advanced notice by law.
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Strikes at Dublin Airport
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20 May, 2018 We have some strike notices for you that may effect your flight from Dublin airport.

Barcelona El Prat air traffic controllers threaten strike action intermittently summer 2018.

Greek general strike is being planned for 30 May, 2018.

French air traffic control strike is on for tomorrow, 21 May, 2018  starting 11pm and ending Wednesday 5am. Airlines have been told to cut back flights by 20% read French air traffic control strikes

Are you flying into Lisbon, Portugal? Perhaps you need to know Lisbon Metro strike is planned for Thursday 10 April, 2018.

Our front page for Ryanair Portugal Easter 2018 strike action

Heads up:-Portuguese airport security strikes 2017

Air France strike dates 2018, flight to Charles de Gaulle likely to get delayed, cancelled or brought forward

Sunday 11 June 2017 Here's the latest from union boss
The Independant

Heads up, strikes planned March 2017, Air France and General Strike in Italy 2017 Easy Travel Report

​Flights from Dublin Airport hit by Berlin airport strike
Update:-13 March 2017 Baggage handlers back on strike today in Berlin airport, 25 hour strike. Monday 4am till 5am Tuesday. Union and management a mile apart on any agreement soon. As usual you know what to do. No luggage, get to airport early, call airport to see if you are leaving, although this maybe unreliable. PS Strike has been extended another day Berlin Airport Strikes
Also follow along

October 2016 Flying to Greece? Four day Greek air traffic control strikes are planned
Call your airline.

March 24, 2016 Police to begin armed policing at Dublin airport. Update:-26 April 2016 Police told not to show guns

​July 2016 Aer Lingus new check-in procedure at Dublin Airport 
The Independent

15 May 2016 Yes, you got it another French air traffic control strike as with French rail strike and possible taxi strike

April 25, 2016 Flights from Dublin this week will be delayed due to several strikes. We have nothing good to say.
French air traffic controllersGerman airports and a French national rail strike for this and other strikes in the news

Old strikes that effected flights from Dublin Airport this year.

March 24, 2016 Police to begin armed policing at Dublin airport. Perhaps you need to know French air traffic control threaten more strike action. No date set yet, but a "General Strike" is planned for 31 March 2016. Brussels airport is still not open.
For the latest

17 March 2016 Couple of strikes you should know about perhaps.
French air traffic control strike and Black transportation day in Italy

3 February 2016 Yes your flight from Dublin, to and from Greece is likely to be delayed cancelled or brought forward due to Greek general strike

Last years strikes that effected flights from Dublin 2015
  Spanish air traffic controllers will strike.
Flights from Dublin will be effected. Also see
you might find useful

Update:- 20 July 2015 Strikes are still on for this weekend.

Update:-8 July 2015 80% of flights by law must leave during these strike hours.
Update:-7 July 2015 Meeting to take place tomorrow (Wednesday) decision to be made over minimum service. At the moment 80% of controllers must attend work.
29 June 2015 New Spanish air traffic control dates are in. Local times.
Saturday 11 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 12 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Saturday 25 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 26 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Follow along with us at Spanish air traffic control strike 2015

​                      Aer Lingus Cabin Crews
6 May 2015 Crews being balloted for strike action. Might effect your flight from Dublin International. Results in two weeks Follow Aer Lingus strike page

​WOW airlines offering 49 euro fares to Iceland. General strike is being planned for June 6, 2015

Old strikes for 2014
30 November 2014 Strikes that might affect you tomorrow Belgian rail strike and Lufthansa Airlines. December, will see general strike in Italy and Belgium. TAP Airlines will strike over Christmas.
see Easy Travel Report
Later in December Israel and Italy will be having general strikes.
Old industrial actions for 2014
19 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans to and from Dublin airport.

Lufthansa pilot strikeEasyJet Strike and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

  Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Heads Up, Flights to and from Italy will be delayed, cancelled or moved up on Saturday, 27 September, 2014 due to an Italian air traffic control strike
and Air France strike looking to go onto next week.

Old industrial actions
Are you traveling to France from Dublin Int. Airport?
  French Air Traffic Control Strike?

4 September 2014 Flights to Frankfurt International likely to be delayed cancelled or brought forward tomorrow. Due to Lufthansa pilot strike.

Old industrial actions for 2014
24 August 2014 Flying into Dublin? Chances are you will fly into a public transportation strike. Book a taxi ahead. See Irish Rail
Other travel news Air France Strike and Lufthansa pilots threaten imminent strike action.

30 July 2014 Perhaps this information might be of use for you.
Air France baggage strike August 2
TAP Airline pilot strike flights to Portugal will be delayed August 9.
Palma de Mallorca baggage strike week-ends August
Air France pilots threaten labor strike all September 
7 June 2014 French air traffic control union SNCTA 
calls on all controllers strike from 24 to 29 June 2014.
This is an old festering bitter dispute. Here's the SNCTA in French announcement. 

This will likely be a national shut down, grounding of flights. By law a certain percentage of flights have to run.
Call your airline. Your flight will be brought forward, cancelled or delayed. Don't get caught in a lay over in French customs. Do you have a French visa? That way you can sleep in a hotel instead of a cot on the international arrivals floor. Flying in and out of Paris? You might want to book a hotel and cancel when fit. Hotel and car hire will be slim pickings. Perhaps SNCF will put on extra trains. Eurostar will likely be booked.

Please if you have information pass it on to us.
Easy Travel Report

           Aer Lingus Strike
13 June 2014 Union Impact cancel strike action. Company will hire 20 new cabin crew, restore privileges. 

6 June 2014 Management refuse further talks this weekend. Cabin crew union IMPACT call for 2 strikes.
Monday 16, June 2014
Wednesday 18, June 2014

28 May 2014 Airline suggest even if you have confirmed online get to Dublin Airport 90 mins early. 265,000 passengers to travel via Dublin Airport this week-end.

27 May 2014 Another strike by cabin crew is being planned. No date set just yet. So far 18,000 passengers have changed booking for Friday
               Air Lingus Strike
Update:-Aer Lingus cabin crew to strike Friday, 30 May
Aer Lingus strike Union also threaten strike action another day. No date set yet.
Wednesday, 7 May 2014 More trouble for Aer Lingus.
This time it's 1,100 or so cabin crew workers who belong to IMPACT union. Shannon, Cork and Shannon airports will be effected. Workers are being balloted and results will be in the end of this week.

Old industrial actions
Italy 30 May 2014. Aviation strike across the country and public transportation.

Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Italian air traffic control will strike Friday May 16, 2014. Italian air space will be closed for one hour 2-3pm local time. Call your airline for details.


31 March 2014 Regarding Aer Lingus and Dublin airport union workers. Talks on going still for the next two weeks.

Aer Lingus flights to Frankfurt Airport
Friday, 28 March, 2014 German airline pilots announce strike dates. Strikes start midnight Wednesday April 2nd and will end Friday, midnight the 4th of April. Local time. Follow along Lufthansa Airline Strike

German airport security issue has not been settled.

25 March UPdate:-Frankfurt airport strike has now spread to Munich, Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover and Stuttgart airports. Call your airline. Strike is from 7am - 2pm, flights not likely to be back to normal till noon Friday 28 March.

Frankfurt Airport strike. German workers set to strike this Thursday, March 27th. No times given, just expect severe delays! Frankfurt airport strike

Lufthansa pilots are ready to strike. No date set yet but if you have an Aer Lingus or Air Belin ticket be sure to confirm. Lufthansa pilot strike

                  Dublin Airport Strike
17 March 2014 French air traffic control strike tomorrow, flights will start powering down tonight.

13th March, 2014 Are you flying next week-end with Aer Lingus? Call them. Siptu union strikes back with air strike next week-end. 
Aer Lingus strike Friday, March 21st and Monday March 24th. 6 hour stretches. More news to be released.
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 Irish judges decided strike was illegal. Call your airline to confirm, you are good to go.

Tuesday 11th March Talks still on going. Sorry, decision to be made tomorrow.
Monday 10th March Still waiting judges ruling. Meeting took/taking place today. In the mean time. Aer Lingus Transatlantic flights will leave perhaps a little earlier or later than usual. Short hauls have been cancelled. Aer Lingus alone has rescheduled 3,000 trips.
Even if courts deem strike illegal, it will come too late for airline to re-book passengers. Then you have the knock on effect. More strikes are likely to come. 
P.S Perhaps you might need to know French air traffic controllers will strike March 18th. 

Friday, 7th March Lawyers for Ryanair and Dublin Airport Authority trying to get the strike deemed illegal.

Monday, 3 March Irish government in emergency meetings.
Flights will be normal on the 16th. Make sure you confirm that flight, hot property.
Aer Lingus will offer re-bookings tomorrow.

Thursday, 27th February 2014 Union announced today strike action to take place at Dublin Airport, Cork and Shannon Airport. Along with national air carrier Aer Lingus. Friday, 14th March 2014 from 5am to 9am, expect more strikes to come. Here's what Siptu had to say and DAA
Call your airline asap, before the world and his wife does.

Monday, 24 February, Aer Lingus and union heads meet Thursday 27th.  
Still rumours, hearsay, gossip abound that St. Patricks week-end might see strike action. 

21 February 2014 Update:-Shannon engineers cancel strike action for more talks, other unions expected to collaborate. Otherwise nothing new in the news this week just sabre rattling.

20 February 2014 Flying to Frankfurt Airport tomorrow, with Aer Lingus or Lufthansa? Frankfurt Airport security strike 

Air France pilot strike
13 February 2014 Air France pilot strike starting Saturday, 22 February to Tuesday February 25th. If flying to Paris Charles de Gaulle with Aer Lingus hold on to that ticket.

February 12, 2014 Tomorrow are you flying to Dusseldorf? Wildcat baggage handlers strike. You will be delayed call Aer Lingus. Dusseldorf Airport Strike

February 11th, 2014 Yesterday Dublin and Cork airport Siptu union workers ballot votes were tallied up and results are - strike action next month. Workers in this vote include airport security and firemen. Dublin Airport won't open without firemen on duty. 

Aer Lingus Siptu union ground staff workers and some cabin crew workers who are represented by Siptu also passed a vote for strike action today. 

Siptu union now nudging other trade unions to initiate strike ballots. Trade union Impact for Aer Lingus flight attendants have not called for a ballot, yet.

Rumours flying around Internet that strike action could take place as early as in two weeks. No dates have been published. Best thing, be prepared to be delayed for several days. Could always take a ferry to Liverpool, Cherbourg or Scotland. If flying with Aer Lingus perhaps you could fly out of Belfast, Northern Ireland instead. Belfast International and George Best Belfast City Airport.

29 January 2014 Pan European air traffic control strike is in full force. Follow along with us at 
Easy Travel Report for all countries involved.

European air traffic control is planned for the end of January.Easy Travel Report

16 January 2014 Issue back in the news today. Siptu union members who work for Are Lingus, Dublin, Shannon and Cork Airports are being balloted for strike action. Regardless of legal action threat by management. No strike date set yet.
See Siptu press release
and Aer Lingus Strike page

1, January 2014 Are you flying with CityJet?  French pilots are on an indefinite strike see Cityjet strike

Old strikes 2013
December 6, 2013 Union workers at Shannon and Dublin Airport are taking a strike ballot this weekend to decide whether or not to strike in the new year. (Ka-ching, Ka-ching you can hear the shareholders profits falling hard)
Sigh! Cheers. Relief to hundreds of passengers. You are good to go over the Christmas season and New Year.
Workers unhappy over nagging issue of pension fund shortfalls. Some €780 million. (Management talk to Air Canada they had similar problem and have worked through it.)

Flight attendants issue resolved, Shannon base stays open.
November 4, 2013 Dublin Airport Aer Lingus passengers under strike threat from Aer Lingus flight attendants. Flight attendants have been balloted and voted for strike action. No date set, workers still in talks with management. PS Meeting planned for tomorrow has been cancelled.
August 17, 2013 Aer Arann strike has been cancelled. Management made an offer, pilots will now vote on it.

14 August We don't know anything about a Ryanair pilot strike.  

12 August 2013 Flights from Dublin airport with Aer Lingus subsidiary Aer Arann will be delayed, cancelled or postponed next week. Follow along with us at Aer Arann pilot strike        

4 August 2013 No Dublin bus today. Workers on strike. Expect news out this week for Aer Lingus pilots. Greek airport strike next weekend

June 20 2013, Some information you should perhaps be aware about that will effect Dublin Airport.

1. General strike in Portugal June 27, 2013 will effect all Portuguese Airports and airlines. Your flight could be brought forward, delayed or cancelled.

2. Aer Lingus pilots are threatening strike action.

3. Keep an eye on Germany as Air Berlin pilots threat strike action. All flights to Germany will be under attach from disgruntled passengers, confirm your seat with Lufthansa, Eurowings, Ryanair. Germanwings airline pilots are considering industrial actin. No time or date given for strikes yet.

Old Industrial Actions
10 June 2013 Oh boy if you are flying to Europe this week, your life is not going to be easy. French air traffic control strike, flights will be brought up, delayed or even canceled. Now if that's not all other European atc will be joining in. Follow along with us on French air traffic controllers strike

April 7, 2013 United Airlines coming soon Dublin to Washington Dulles expands codesharing with Aer Lingus.
14 November 2012 Management and unions met today. Strike threat for Monday is over.  Along with that nasty Pan- European strike.

30 October 2012 Aer Lingus unions announce a two hour strike. Monday 19 November, 10am to noon, expect flights to be delayed or cancelled and Dublin airport Aer Lingus desk to be un attended. International flights will be hit.
12 October 2012 Airport workers maybe on the verge of a deal. On the other hand, Aer Lingus employees have meeting scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of next week. Strike highly possible.
3 October 2012 Talks with management end, now talks between union members to begin.
27 September 2012 Strike planned for Monday has been cancelled, in replace will be talks. Issues still not resolved.
26 September Dublin airport trying to get strike deemed illegal for you.
14 September 2012 Date for now planned strike is Monday 1 October.
Employees from Aer Lingus and Dublin Airport Authority will have a rolling two hour strike, go slow. Each employee will strike for two hours. This could stretch out all day. All Irish airports will be struck Dublin, Shannon and Cork. Whether your airline codeshares with Aer Lingus or your long-haul refuels in Dublin you will be delayed.
Wednesday 22 August 2012 Dublin taxi's are on strike, make sure you getting a lift home. Row over 70 parking spots to be taken away.

17 August 2012 Dublin Airport under strike threat by Dublin Airport Authority and Aer Lingus employees over pension funds. Unions threaten strike by Thursday 20 September 2012 unless negotiations move along. This strike will effect not only Dublin but Cork and Shannon airports as well.

Old news
Our first threat for 2012. 
22 January 2012 Fire and police unions have voted overwhelmingly for strike. Union must give by law two weeks notice. So check back here again, we will be up dating. If firemen strike, it means automatic closure of Dublin International Airport.

old stuff so 2011
Aer Lingus pilots strike from Tuesday on. Nice way to end a bank holiday. You can change your flight free of charge. Aer Lingus will have a contingency plan in place. Nice cash bonanza for other airlines. Best call before you show up at Dublin airport. If you have a flight make sure you arrive a good 90 minutes before hand.
Aer Lingus press release Notice to Customers Booked to travel from Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th June inclusive. Flights out of Belfast not to be disrupted.

so last year
3/16/2010 Heads up! All Irish airports under strike threat due to firemen.  Union members have given the "ok" to strike to union leaders. Strike can come within the next month.

Wednesday, 20, January, 2010 air traffic controllers strike for four hours only, 2-6pm.  Just enough to cause severe travel disruptions, call your airline,

New one, Irish general strike possible this Thursday, 3, December, 2009.

Wide spread strike threat for the 24, November, 09

2/10/09  Taxi strike Dublin, second day, don't go into city center.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions says it intends to begin a campaign of action over pay and spending cuts beginning with protests on Friday 6 November.

2/10/09  Taxi strike Dublin, second day, don't go into city center.

21 August, 09 Get to Dublin Airport early.
Ryanair complaining to Dublin Airport that passengers have missed flights due to a go slow by security staff and forced onto a later flight.  Aer Lingus same complaint through out this summer. Dublin Airport claims, no such thing.  Ryanair want's government to become involved.

Heads Up, If you are arriving the week beginning 29 June, 2009.  Expect to find a nation wide bus strike on.  If bus drivers on Eireann go on strike, taxi's will be scarse.

3/30/09  Dublin, Shannon, Cork Airports strike threat for 2 April is over, both sides will sit down with Labour Relations Commission in the week.

3/28/09 Saturday. LABOUR Relations Commission (LRC) has agreed to meet with members.  

3/27/09  Friday, SIPTU said this is not an authorized strike, hitting Shannon and Cork airports also.

3/26/09   Thursday, Here we go again, Thought you'd scrapped by didn't you!  4am to midday on Thursday April 2nd. Don't forget taxi strike on 1 April, 09 April fools day! This news came from the airport, SIPTU have no comment.

3/25/09 Wednesday strike called OFF by Irish Congress of Trade Unions, or ICTU.  Ultimately,Not enough members from other unions on board with strike. Strike is only deferred!

3/23/09 Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports will be hit by industrial action by SIPTU from 4am till noon, Monday, 30 March, 2009. Airports in house fire and emergency services will join strike.

3/20/2009 Workers from aviation company ST Technics (aircraft maintenance) demonstrated today at Dublin International and disrupted entrance to airport. They marched to Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) with a letter to protest layoffs, 1,100 jobs, money, pensions and government nationalization.

Passengers had to walk half mile to terminal.

3/13/09  Heads up, trade unions, industrial dispute, strike Monday, 30 March, 2009 at Dublin International Airport due to strike by public sector, including fire and security personnel. Expect severe flight disruptions.

Are you traveling on one of these airlines serving this airport?  If so, you will face  inconvenience. If you change plans, make sure it's for earlier rather than later! Every one in the world will be delayed and want to get on the next flight!

Adria Airways
Aer Arann 
Aer Lingus 
Air Canada
Air France 
Air Moldova
Air Southwest 
Air Transat 
Arkia Israel Airlines 
American Airlines
Austrian Arrows operated by Tyrolean Airways
British Airways till 3/29/09
Continental Airlines
CSA Czech Airlines  [ends 20 March]
Delta Air Lines
Estonian Air
Etihad Airways 
Iberia Airlines 
SATA International 
Scandinavian Airlines System 
Swiss International Air Lines
S7 Airlines
Turkish Airlines
US Airways

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The Irish Congress of Trade Unions


Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union 
(SIPTU) represents the majority of workers at Ireland’s major airports, including security staff and air traffic controllers. 

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