New European Day of Action March 2013

European Day of Action Wednesday 14 November 2012
Greece Spain and Portugal
"Pan-European" 14N
General, National Strikes. 
Nice little "Social Pact" going on here.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Airport Strike 2016
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016 

Easy Travel Report
14 November Demonstrations across Europe today.
Madrid airport restaurants closed. Flights AENA
Whats going on in Madrid Ansa

Faro Airport
ANA-Airports of Portugal said that by 10:00 am two flights canceled, 13 had left.

In total, 90 flights were canceled at airports of Lisbon, Oporto and Faro, 134 flights left, still a lot of flights have been delayed. Porto 21 flights canceled.

Lisbon Airport  canceled 66 flights. 86 flights delayed. 

13 November Today details for French air space disruptions became available. Paris 0400 UTC - 0730 UTC. 
Marseille 0500 UTC - 1100 UTC go slow
Lyon 0530-0900 go slow.
Biarritz and Lourdes traffic restrictions from 6PM on Tuesday till 6AM Thursday 15th.

12 November 2012 Update so far today some Spanish information. Book a hotel for just in case. If you were thinking of renting a car instead, we put some links up. Lot's of miss information around today.

Spanish General Strike
Monday Update:-Unions announce plan for you! Spanish air traffic controllers will operate only
40% of international flights will go.
Only half of flights to peninsula and islands.
20% of European flights will go.
Long distant trains only 20% of them will run.
Eurocontrol states Spanish atc will be fully staffed (but on a go slow) and to expect delays with baggage handlers.

Updates for Iberia Airline, list of cancellations, 
Air Nostrum Iberia Express.

Barcelona's Passeig de Gracia station will be closed from 7PM due to security reasons on the 14th.

Rail strike for 14N SNCB  Check how you are getting to Brussels Zaventem Airport. Eurostar and Thayles No Thayles to Germany and risk to Amsterdam and Paris

Air France posts apology. Euro Control say Wednesday am expect disruptions. 
Marseille Airport strike likely to call disruptions around the network.

Thee hour strike.

Italian atc were to strike from 10-2pm. 

Flights cancelled left right and centre. Air traffic controllers will be working. Lisbon Metro will be closed.

November 9 Air traffic controllers.
It's a bit early to find out what will happen with
with public transportation.  Airlines will start
powering down as early as Tuesday afternoon and strike will take a good 12 hours to get the air space back to normal.

Eurocontrol meeting Monday 12 November. Belgium, Malta and Cyprus.
November 14 Italian 10 - 2PM Local time
French will be offering minimal air service as legally possible. Here's what BA has to say.

November 8 It's possible Italian air traffic controllers may strike on 14 N from 10AM-2PM
If so all Italian air space will be closed for four hours. Italian rail strike 10AM - 2PM. Ports will also close shop for four hours.
Still waiting to see if Portuguese air traffic control will join in.
Spanish Vueling Airline announce 
air traffic will be seriously effected on 
14 November.translation  SATA similar

November 7 Came across this article today,  blog post by union CGT Aena blog. Spanish airport workers some 1,600 will be made redundant. Here's the translation  Wouldn't put it past AENA joining in on 14N

November 4 Malta, unions deciding today whether to join in. Portuguese national airline TAP Airlines telling passengers to re-book.
See Tap site

November 2 More Spanish unions to join in the 14N strike CCOO, UGT and USO.  If you are flying into Spain this day, see if you can change your flight. 

November 1 Today we learn Spanish union General Confederation of Workers (CGT) cancelled a strike call for yesterday to coincide with 14 November strike. CGT consists of 60,000 thousand workers. 
European capitals are to hold demonstrations and Athens may cancel and just have a demonstration.

31 October 2012 Announced today a new Greek general strike for 48 hours, 6,7 November.  This has got us thinking that this "European Day of Action" isn't getting much traction.

29 October 2012 Update:-Italian 14N union CGIL will strike for four hours causing each municipality to choose time for a transportation strike. Italian banks will be on strike during this four hours.

19 October 2012
For once (ETUC) has managed to get three countries to join in a joint venture. "14N" Wednesday, November 14.

Greece, Portugal and Spain have all agreed to have in unison a general nationwide strike. 

We will be monitoring the situation and updating this page just how far will they take the day of solidarity. Will air traffic controllers join in? 

Watch CFMU for updates

In the pursuit of their own self-interests, trade unionists in Europe have sought to interfere with the formation of a free common market by bringing train, bus, and airline systems to a grinding halt.  We will be monitoring the situation and updating this page

Last strike day for The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) day of action was 
29 February 2012. see here had mixed results.  
Also in August of this year European ports were trying to stir up industrial action across Europe

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