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The Arbitration Court decided today that the minimum services for the strike pilots of TAP and Portugalia, between 01 and 10 May, include the operation of flights to the Azores, Madeira, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and seven European cities. 

According to the decision released today, will be performed all scheduled flights to and from the Azores, as well as three flights Lisbon / Funchal, in each of the strike days, and three flights Funchal / Lisbon, also in each one day strike.

In addition, the Arbitration Court of the Economic and Social Council (CES) also decided, unanimously, to guarantee the outward flight and a flight back in each day of the strike period for Angola, three for Mozambique, two for Brazil; and a one-way flight and back to France, Luxembourg, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

The Arbitral Tribunal said that the decision of minimum services for the ten days of strike took into account a number of circumstances, such as the very long duration of the strike, the fact that as of May there be an increase in demand for air travel and the fact of the agglomeration of candidates for passengers at airports could entail security issues.

The Azores keep all scheduled flights during the strike at TAP, due to Feast of the Holy Christ, which justifies the arbitral tribunal, "have great significance for the region and is projected to need to travel large number of natural region ".

In Angola and Mozambique, highlights the fact that "there is a significant community of Portuguese," which may have "significant problems" in the fields of health and safety, in particular those resulting from the visa regime.

Flights to Brazil and Europe are due to "huge emigrant communities and displaced Portuguese citizens, for which it is necessary to ensure a minimum service connection to Portugal."

According to the decision, it is still mandatory to carry out return flights directly to the country, to the foundations of Lisbon and Porto, all military flights and flights of state, national or foreign.

Pilots TAP marked a strike, between 01 and 10 May, on the grounds that the Government is not complying with the agreement signed in December 2014, with regard to seniority (salary increase achieved on the basis of seniority), not a other, established in 1999, which gave them the right to a stake in the company in privatization.
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